Countdown to Turkey

This is the time of year when I look at the calendar, realize Thanksgiving is only a week away (or less) and recognize that I am REALLY going to have to get on the ball. (The Butterball, lol jk I don't buy those.)

Today I sketched on a napkin the schedule for the next week.

  • Friday – Buy everything I need for Thanksgiving
  • Saturday – start to thaw the turkey – in the Fridge.
  • Sunday – It's a day of rest
  • Monday – Brine the Turkey (24 hours)
    • To do this right I've bought huge 5 gallon ziplock bags.  I can safely put the bird in the fridge in the brine for as long as it needs to go.
  • Tuesday – Brine the Turkey.
  • Wednesday – Prepare the special bread dough – Let it rise in the refrigerator overnight.
    • Prepare and put the Turkey in the oven
    • Melt the Cranberry Jelly and re-mold it in the fridge overnight.  (any tips on doing this?)
    • Boil the Eggs for Deviled Eggs.  (Sit in Shell in fridge overnight)

Thanksgiving List

"Are you ready?!" I heard her sister call to her across the room.


"Don't forget Peanut Butter Celery with raisens!" the younger one almost screamed.  Which took my attention.

"Will you eat that?" I asked, doubtful.

"ew, no!" she replied to the fairly obvious question. "Then don't add it to the list."

Several days ago I had mentioned that we needed to make a list of the foods we wanted to see for Thanksgiving, and so that's what they were doing.

Thanksgiving List

With a little bit of help, we came together… weighed everything we wanted, and came up with a 'small' list that I think we can put together.

  1. Turkey (It goes without saying, but I really do make the most amazing turkey ever!)
  2. Cranberry Sauce (The Jelly Kind)
  3. Sparkling Cider (They asked for 20.)
  4. Stuffing (Though I don't know that they've EVER eaten it… and I'm still very  bad at making organic stuffing.)
  5. Mash Potato (My two boys are the only ones beside myself who will probably eat the potatoes, and when I said mashed instead of baked they got grumpy.  I really have to show them how insane good mashed potatoes can be.)  I'll make it with butter, cream, cheese, seasonings… and the end dish will rival the Turkey (lol, probably not)
  6. Madox Bread (It's this pop up bread served at a restaurant back home… soft as a cloud and sweeter than mana.)
  7. Deviled Eggs (Two of the children can eat enough for the other two who won't even try them.
  8. Celery & Cream Cheese.
  9. Black Olives
  10. Cornbread
  11. Pumpkin Pie (I try to have some every couple of years… if the mood strikes me) and Chocolate Cream Pie.
  12. Sauteed String Beans
  13. Beets (Maybe… they'll add red to the selection, because I don't eat Jellied Cranberries)

Did I miss anything?  Anything you want more details on?

Night Life

As a single parent, you know I know about the night life.  It usually starts like this:

"Daddy, I'm scared.. can I sleep in your bed tonight?" This could be right after I've fallen asleep, or any time really.

"Sure." I whisper and roll over.  See, a couple years ago I knew of this possibility and bought a king size bed… figuring that even though I totally skimped on quality, and comfort, at least I'd have the size, and that would help for these kind of moments.

Then sleep comes… not.

"Daddy, I'm scared without my sister in the room." a totally different, but equally cute little voice will say to my side.

"Fine."  I'll say, and she'll crawl into bed.  Fortunately the boys don't echo this routine… I can just imagine "Dad, I'm scared without the girls sleeping in their room."  but they're old enough that I might just laugh and send them back to bed.

Then I can lay down and relax. …. not.

*giggle giggle*

"She touched my arm Daddy."

"Well! I can smell her breath!"

At this point sleep isn't even a distant memory.

"Both of you be quiet…" I'll whisper, and because I whisper they know I mean it.  "Or I'll give you a time out, and send you back to your own bed."

This works 99.9% of the time.

but then last night happened.

"My Dear Ones… I gave you 3 chances… and you wouldn't stop, so I'm taking you back to your bed."  I used my serious voice, and she used her crying, whining, whimpering, Please Daddy, no, I promise this time! voice.

But "Daddy, the Merciless" could not be so easily defeated.  So, up went my little one onto her bed, and up went my name, in the annals of history next to Ming the Destroyer, Vlad the Impaler, and Genghis Khan the Conqueror.