42 Questions – Four Minute Tour of Me

This week has gone by far too quickly, I sit down with the intention to write, look at the time with the understanding that midnight is too late to write, then struggle to bed. But those posts I haven't written, they're really amazing, you're totally missing out.

So I'm doing a question countdown, a lot of you already know, but some don't. I'm doing 52 questions. The first set of questions come from an article by the NY Times about 36 questions to fall in love.

Question Number 42: 

Take Four Minutes to tell your life story in as much detail as possible.

First … this is a lame question (because it doesn't have a question mark.  I'm setting a timer, and I have really awesome typing speed… so here it goes:

I was born in Idaho.  I have awesome parents, and am 2nd born of 5 children in the family.  There's only one girl, the middle child, which means we were a pretty rough and tumbly group tempered only by an awesome Mother and awesome Father.  

Spent my years 2 to 10 give or take in Utah.  The mountains were amazing, the winters weren't that bad, and the people were everywhere! 

After Utah we moved back to home in Idaho, the winters weren't bad … in the summer time.  But it was very beautiful, and not as many people.  I sang, danced, and learned about dreaming and hypnosis in High School.  

After High School I made some interesting choices that led me into the Air Force where I learned that I don't love authority that's dumber than me.  Then I went to Washington State because I also learned that I hate the desert.  Returned home for a couple of years, and realized I needed a real job, so I moved to Oregon.

Through a bitter twist of fate I moved back to Arizona only to discover it wouldn't lead to happiness and got a divorce.  Now I'm trapped here… making the best of it with daydreams, wishes, and accomplishing my every dream.

4 minutes!!!

*sighs* that was truncated more than it should have been, perhaps I could have taken a different direction, something more creative than to make it location based.

Your turn!!! (please)

43 Questions – Roots

Time flies, and I've asked it to, as I remember every passing moment with the children fondly I both eagerly anticipate the future, as well as regret the passage of the present, but only because every precious moment with my children seem to drift away too fast.

The New York Times has an article about 36 questions to fall in love.  I'm counting down 52.  (I need the extra 16).  This week I'm on question Number 43.

If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?

Kind of a hard hitting question, my parents read this, and I cannot imagine a more incredible childhood than the way I had.  Both because it shaped me to be who I am today, but because the factors that went into that are more complicated than any thousand upon thousand of combinations could have come up with.  (The recipe of an adult is extremely simple, just add time, and extremely complicated, add difficulty, add environment, add ice, snow, winter, and heart.)

My Mother, and Father are both youngest children from their respective homes.  This shaped them in many ways, and as a second born of five I have had a chance to change my youngest brother's diaper.  I had a chance to watch the way my parents parenting style changed over the years, I was blessed to have influential moments with my parents that I wouldn't trade for the world… and I have had the chance to make mistakes.  It's these mistakes that help form us into the parents we are.  

From my mistakes I have learned ways that I raise my children differently than how I was raised, and it's possible that if done differently, my life could have gone in a different direction.  (But that's debatable.)

  1. Bed Times – I make sure that at bed time the kids get tucked in by me… but only after each get 5 minutes alone to talk about what impressed them about the day… their favorite parts, and maybe some lessons of warning depending on what's going on at school or in their life.
  2. Every night Family Home Evening – Family Home Evening, in the LDS Church is one night a week where a spiritual lesson is taught in the home… early on when I saw that I was headed towards a divorce I began teaching the children every night, instead of just once a week.  They responded incredibly well, and having started it so young, it's something that doesn't feel 'weird' to them now that they are a little bit older.  I'm not sure if it would have made a difference with me, my home was a home of music and prayer, but I know that for my children it has made a huge difference.
  3. Over-Cautious. – This one is very debatable.  I think that, on one hand, given the child freedom to make mistakes and grow is important… but I can't do it to the same degree with my children.  The big difference is that as I was growing everything was new, technology was new, the internet was new, people were new.  There were dangers out there that I slipped and fell into because no one knew.  So now, as I raise the kids, instead of letting them run forward on their own, we take on each new challenge in this super "G-Force" team, discussing it, talking about what's right and wrong and ways to avoid the traps… and why it's a trap, or not.  I'd say I am over-cautious… and I'm not sure it's as 'over-cautious' as it is "justifiably-cautious".  Gatchaman1

Once again, I'm completely satisfied with my level of care… but if I were to find something to change, it'd be that.  (OR, we'd do everything exactly the same, but only do it on a moon base!  Or in deep space orbit!  How cool would that be?!

44 Questions – Grateful

In doing this ongoing countdown, I have plenty of answers, but am still working my way through questions.  As you know (probably) I've read an article (once… ish) in the New York Times about a study where it was determined that two people can fall in love with 36 questions.  As an over-achiever, I'm doing 52 questions, and counting down, instead of up.

Question #44 says:

For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

This is an easy question for me.  I'm often grateful about a great many things… but what am I 'MOST' grateful for. 

The easy answer is my Children, I love them very much, and think of them and what's best for them constantly… but this isn't an 'easy' question.  It says "MOST Grateful" and it does feel like a toss up, because I am a very thankful kind of person.

Here's where things get heavy.  I love, LOVE, my Children… I love my life, I'm very blessed.  But one thing that ties everything together for me is The Gospel, the Plan of Salvation, by our Heavenly Father that enables us to do everything that we do here.  So am I most grateful for the plan, or for a loving Heavenly Father (God) that allows us that opportunity.  I think I'm most grateful for my Heavenly Father, and will do my best to let everything else fall into place according to that.

What are you most grateful for?