A List … or Two

I believe firmly in improving yourself.  My boss calls it "Intellectual Curiosity" and rates it very highly on my performance eval.  What she means is that "You're the kind of guy who hates to leave a mystery unsolved, if you become curious about something, you'll learn all there is to know about it… but even more valuable, once you get your teeth into a project you don't let go until you feel you're done with it.

While I appreciate her complimentary words, I'm far too humble to acknowledge that I'm 100% that way.  (Some mysteries aren't worth solving, or simply aren't compelling enough to take to the end.)

I have long had a list of goals, and when someone asks "Do you have a 5 year plan?" I like to answer yes.  While I might not know 'where' I see myself in 5 years, I know that there are certain things I want to do, the list is always growing and changing.  Sometimes I give up on something, sometimes I take something off the list on purpose… sometimes I mark it off the list because, by some miracle, I did what I said I'd do.

  1. Teach the Children *Ongoing
  2. Raise the Children the best I can *Ongoing
  3. Get a Pilot License
  4. Learn Photography
  5. Get a Real Estate License
  6. Relationship Stuff
  7. Publish Photo Book (or two … or more)
  8. Buy a Plane
  9. Move
  10. Setup (and use) a Home Recording Studio (that's worth having) *New
  11. Travel

I'm sure I left a few things out… but as you can see, I've still got a lot of work to do.

Footprints, a Poem

Being from the great white north, I'm used to darkness at night, I grew up in a place without electricity after all.  The pure dark of a moonless night was like one of the 20 blankets I put over the top of me to sleep.  So whenever possible I'll do the same here.

The night was dark as I blindly felt about with my hands to find the edge of the bed.  Where my fingers expected to find blanket I instead found a foot.  Being quick on my feet, at times like this, I concluded my daughter had crawled into my bed.  And then with my hands I did a double take.  "This foot…" I thought "… is way too big to be my daughters foot!"  I flipped on the light, and was shocked to see that it was indeed my youngest… and her feet are the size of a girl much older than I thought she was.  "That's impossible." I mused…. how could I miss it?

A Little Footprint in the hall

a gentle tip tap through the wall,

a gleeful scream and happy run,

I never thought this time would come,

to see the child, halfway grown,

Makes me wonder where time's gone.

How could I miss it? The journals say

When I watch and listen, every day.

(By Me)