The Candle, a Little Background

Like a light in the darkness.  Some pictures don’t need explanation, but I’m going to give you one anyway.

I love the candle, I love the dark, and I love how the light pushes away the darkness.  I studied macro photography, and with it picked up a new attachment to my lens that would allow me to take pictures of the tiniest of things from VERY close.

I honestly didn’t realize how very close I had to get when I used a macro attachment, to get in focus I kept moving closer and closer, and just when I started to think “Any closer and I’m going to start melting my lens” it was then close enough to have the focus just right.

I took many pictures, some where I blew out intentionally to make the flame dance, but this is my favorite… just a slow and steady flame, the wick in full detail down to the darkened threads, the blue… the flame.  I just love the wealth of emotion and metaphor lit by the light.

Any pictures you’d like more of a back story to?

10 Things I don’t Hate about Tucson Living

I can’t, in any honesty, write about things I love about living in Tucson… but after breaking apart the very poorly written post about reasons people would want to live in this desert, I feel it appropriate to talk about the things I don’t hate about living in the Desert.  (None of these things are totally exclusive to this desolate wasteland, and none are anchors keeping me here.)

  1. Stars – There are stars in the desert here.  There are a lot of places where you can’t see the stars.  I am a dreamer, and somehow the stars speak to me in ways I cannot describe.  Without the stars, this would be a very dark place. (hehe, get it?)
  2. Monsoons – I lived in the Northwest for a time, and having a sky full of clouds that don’t explode felt wrong.  Yes, having rain all the time is wonderful, but when there’s a complete lack of thunder, I miss that.  I have taught the children that thunder is a lullaby given by The Lord, and so when the sky explodes as they start to fall asleep, they smile just as much as I do as they close their eyes.
  3. Night Swimming – This is something that I can’t do just anywhere here, and one of the biggest reasons to either live in an apartment in the desert, or own your own pool.  There was a time, a long time ago, when my oldest was a baby, and even before that, where we’d go out to the swimming pool at night, the water was very warm, the night was very warm, and the stars were over-head.  That kind of thing is hard to re-capture.  The glow of mist on the air from pool lights.  This is only good for a couple months of the year, but those can be a pretty magical couple of months.  Maybe I should get a pool. (that’s heated)
  4. Resorts – I like the high life, and sometimes it’s nice to feel more important than you actually are.  I enjoy being able to make reservations for a nice place, and soaking in 5 star service.  I grew up far away from such luxuries and it’s nice to be treated.  Most of the time these places have water I can swim in as well, and that’s more than an added bonus.
  5. AC – While I hate having to be trapped inside all of the time to be comfortable, I do like that being inside is comfortable.  Sure I can get AC anywhere else in the world, which makes this a pretty sad point… but one of the reasons I agreed to move back to this terrible place is because I knew that legally they had to ensure you had AC, and there had been a very hot summer without any escape not far behind us.
  6. Gas Prices – I’m often amazed when I travel to discover that gas everywhere else costs more.  I don’t know why that is, perhaps there is a refinery really close; perhaps we get a lot of gas from Mexico (hehe). But the Gas prices in Tucson are easily 30 – 50 cents cheaper than anywhere else in the country… as far as I’ve noticed.
  7. No Yard Maintenance – To be fair, if you’re not going to enjoy your yard, it IS only fair that you don’t have to take care of it… and here, we don’t enjoy our yard, and in turn, we barely have to ever take care of it.  Just hire some guy to pull the weeds once a year when it rains and we’re good.  (I’d rather have to take care of a yard, and have grass I can actually walk in without killing me, but the lazy side of me appreciates that if I’m not going to enjoy it, I don’t have to do it.)
  8. No Rust – The vehicles that are used from here have been preserved in ways only the desert can… sure the plastic and rubber will dry rot, but the metal won’t.  I appreciate that metal here has a very long life, and if I get a used car from here, I only have to replace the seals, not the door panels and floor.  I know, I’m really ‘scraping the bottom of the barrel’ for this one. 😉
  9. Bug Season – For the most part (huge asterisk *** here) the bugs are active during the summer time.  So while you aren’t wanting to go outside, they are outside.  I have blanketed the outside for 100 feet in some advanced poison you can’t legally buy outside of amazon; and closer to the house with the same stuff combined with something even stronger… so our barricade indoors is pretty bug free, once “winter” rolls around and being outside isn’t physically painful, we shouldn’t see so many bugs, which is a better time to be bug free than the other way around.
  10. Mt. Lemmon – It’s a mountain that goes up to around 9,000 feet up, at the top it’s about 40 degrees cooler than it is at the bottom.  While the trees are all stunted, and the water is a myth.  The temperature is cool.  I took the kids camping up there a few times, and while it isn’t ‘home’ it is a shadow of home, and very refreshing to escape from the valley floor.

Behind the Moon – Behind the Scenes

I take photographs for fun, it’s a hobby, and because it’s a hobby, I can afford to really pour myself into it.  Imagine if I could only upgrade a lens once I sold enough photos to justify it?!  That’s a terrible thought!

Behind the Moon.

Here, on my photo site,  I had once upon a time taken a picture of the moon.  Of all the pictures I have taken of the moon, I think this one is my favorite.  You see, it was NOT a dark and stormy night, instead it was sometime near the middle of the day.  I had been walking in the rose garden in Tucson sometime in November.  It was still hot, still miserable, but there, as I looked into the sky, I saw the moon.  It’s the same moon that has looked down at me many times through out my life, but this time he spoke to me (not really) and said “Things are going to be alright… keep on keeping on.”

So I took a picture.  It was one of the first times I had used my new “Megatron” lens.  Zooming in with all my might I was astounded by how clear and beautiful the details are during the day.  I had taken many pictures of the moon at night, and struggled with capturing something so light against something so dark; but found that when capturing the moon during the day, I didn’t have that same problem, everything was bright, and everything was beautiful.

On a whole other level, I love this picture since it shows the metaphor of night during the bright of day.  Things can always be dark in the light, and light in the dark, but it’s the way we face it that matters.  Even more than that is how the moon calls to me in words of dreams to come, destinations to reach, and fantasy unrealized (or better said, not yet realized.)

Any pictures you’d like more of the back story on from my photo site?