That Little Voice…

You’ve heard it whisper, the same as I have, that little voice that says “You cannot.”

It was there, that little voice, the first time I went to do a pushup after several years away, “you cannot” it said, telling me that it had been too long and my body had atrophied.

It had not, the voice was wrong.

It was there in college, telling me that though I was doing well in class, I would fail the test.

It was wrong, that little voice.

It was there when I asked her out, telling me that she was far too pretty for the likes of me.

I was surprised, so was the little voice.

once upon a time, ‘you won’t get the job, don’t even interview.’

but I did it anyway, and did.

“You’ll never lose that weight” it speaks to me… but then, I eat right, count my calories, exercise, and I do.

This little voice seems to never go away, but I’ve noticed that the longer I’ve let it speak to me the harder it is to change back to where you were.  Despite proving to myself for years that I can do a pull-up, or two. Every time I approach the bar, the voice whispers “you can’t do those.” despite doing it, and doing it.  There’s a nearly physical barrier that says “I can’t.” and you know what?  I do.

(It’s a voice that attacks us all, but I can, and you can too.  Ignore that little voice.)


Danger, Don’t Swim

As I’ve mentioned before, I have nightly discussions with the children before I send them to bed, each child needs those quiet five minutes with just the two of us to discuss the great mysteries of life.  Sometimes we talk about school, sometimes we talk about work, sometimes we talk about video games… but tonight we talked about porn.

Okay, we didn’t talk SPECIFICALLY about pornography, it was mentioned.  What we talked about were “The Commandments”

Before family prayers we dove into deep thoughts discussing the spiritual topic of “Why do we have commandments?” and to that question we had many answers:

  • “To help us get to Heaven!”
  • “So we don’t do bad things!”
  • “I don’t know!”
  • “… To Keep us Safe?”

I shared with the children “We have a commandment in this home…  you are all commanded not to put your head in the oven when it’s on.  We don’t talk about this commandment a lot because I don’t need to, but it IS a commandment of mine.  Why do we have this commandment?” To which they replied:

  • “To Keep us safe!”
  • “Because you Love us!!!”
  • “Because it would smell terrible!” (yes, much laughter)

So with this ground work, I spoke to my son before he went to bed about commandments and porn.

“There are those who see the signs that the Lord puts up to keep us safe.  Prophets who can see the sign ‘Don’t swim, there are Crocodiles here!’ and they say ‘hey guys, you shouldn’t swim here.’ and people say ‘whatever, we’ll swim where we want!’ and ‘Don’t tell me what to do!'”

Warning-Signs-Crocodile“But why are we given commandments?  Is it the kinds of sign you’d ignore??  There will be people who do it, and you’re getting closer to the age where a lot of people will be doing it.  Most everyone will do it, they’ll even make fun of you for not doing it… because if everyone does it then it is ‘normal'” To this my son laughed and said “If that’s normal I do NOT want to be normal!”

“Exactly…”  Exactly.

A Few Things to Say

There are a few choice things that must be said…

  • You’re amazing,
  • You’re smart,
  • You’re wonderful,
  • You’re thoughtful,
  • You’re helpful,
  • You’re the light that takes the darkness from the sky,
  • You’re one of a kind,
  • You’re the inspiration behind every dream and the reason people wake up.

It has to be said, because you’re a special kind of awesome that makes every day brighter, even if you don’t know it… and whoever you are, you need to be told.