47 Questions – Getting Older

I'm in a 52 question count-down.  Or count up, the NY times posted an Article saying that you are only 36 questions away from 'love'.  

I figure it'll take me 52… and even then, I lack faith.

Question number 6:  (or 47 if you're counting down with me.)

"If you were able to live ot the age of 90 and retain either the mind or body of a 30 year old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you want?"

This … is a very hard question for me.  I'm very vain, I'd absolutely like to never lose my body to the ravaging effects of time.  But, I also like my mind and can't imagine what it'd be like to lose that either.  If you keep your mind you get to listen to people say "oh, look at that sweet old man trying to walk across the street."  if you keep your body, you get to hear people say "He's weird… and kind of dottering, but pretty."

I think people would be more forgiving of an old body and brilliant mind than they would be of a great body but not being all there upstairs.

But what other people think isn't really a condition that weighs on my answer to the question.  

If I had a choice, either I could keep my body or keep my brain, I'd choose to keep my brain, I recognize that my body will eventually grow older.  I can fight it as much as possible by eating healthy, exercising, and avoiding things that are terrible for me.  But with a keen mind I can also appreciate the changes that come to a person as they age.  Imagine watching the flowers bloom and not appreciating the colors, or the leaves fall and overlooking it because you feel too well to pause for that extra breath.  It's harder to stop and smell the flowers when you lose your mind (though maybe that's ALL you would do) but as your body slows down, perhaps there are vital lessons to be learned from that, and I would rather not miss those.

Plus, with a keen mind I could invest wisely and make good decisions that'll benefit myself (so I don't have to work into my retirement) and so that perhaps when I go I can leave something behind.  (Like a pyramid!)

What would you rather have, your mind or a perfect body?

48 Questions – Something to Sing About

The road was long, the highway dark, and the traffic barely worth noticing, except in frustration as they kept the travel speed somewhere just below the speed limit.  Sometimes we need a long drive to clear our minds, and sometimes we need a song to clear our heart… but it was not coming.

There are these questions from the NY Times. "36 questions that lead to love. " I suspect I need 52 question, and so I'm doing a countdown.  We're at number 5, or 48; depends on which direction you are counting in.  (I'm counting in both.)

"When did you last sing to yourself? To someone else?" 

I think singing is a huge part of retaining your sanity… which is why, after several of my favorite songs were playing on my stereo during a long drive, and had no reaction from me… I started to wonder. "Is something wrong? … like really wrong?" 

Singing is a huge part of me.  During the last two years of my marriage, long ago, I noticed that I had stopped singing.  Finding, at the time, that I was falling into a survival mode depression, then years later finding my voice again as I tried to share it at Church.  I sing to the children now, all the time; it's not uncommon for my daughter to ask for a lullaby, and no matter how long a day it's been, there's no way I would say no to such a simple request… and I have my favorites to bring them to gentle slumbers.

I sang to myself today… and even on days like the one in the car, I break through myself and find a song in my heart that needs it's way out.  I sing to the children every day as well, not always the actual lyrics, but it's a song anyway.  Music is life, and I've learned that lesson well.

When was the last time you sang to yourself?  To someone else?

49 Questions – The Perfect Day

Tonight on the long and slow back-road drive home from the theater, we enjoyed the sky, the world broke pattern… the desert night which is typically only clouded with the haze of the days dust was filled with cleansing clouds, as we looked (I didn't … much, I was driving) I could swear the clouds were lifted apart like a curtain into eternity, revealing a clean sky filled with magic, wonder, and hope.  

I've been doing these questions from the NY Times. 36 questions that lead to love.  But I may need a few extra, so it's become a 52 question countdown.  We're at number 4, or 49; depends on which direction you are counting in.  (I'm counting in both.)

"What would constitute a 'perfect day' for you?"

This is a complicated question, because it's so open ended.  Are we talking 'of all time' and are the rules of reality getting in the way?  Should I say "This is a plausible perfect day I could have if I just 'did it' or should I say "I'd have a perfect day 'IF' these things fell into place."  For example: I wake up and I'm not alone… isn't a present reality.  That'd be in the "IF", which changes the perfect day scenario completely.  For now… let's imagine the possible perfect day.

The morning is unrushed, woken by the light of day, feeling refreshed and able to face the day.  A light breakfast that doesn't slow me down, probably a green smoothie, but distracted while I'm making it so it goes quickly, maybe even one from the fridge made the night before.  The smell of rain from the night before giving the wide awake world the clean feeling, and being in a place of peace, birds singing to thick morning air, the sound of a beach not far off, and the kids ready to start the day with me.  Just being lost in the water most of the day, food when we need it… a feeling of contentment, joy, hope, and being aware of each moment… I'd love to spend the late afternoon recovering from the water taking pictures, no rush to be anywhere, but being able to arrive at dinner just when we intend to… then collapsing at the end of the day, having felt it complete, accomplished, worn out, and able to sleep by simply turning over.  That'd be a pretty perfect day.

What's yours?