I’m Thankful For

I have wonderful Children, and for this Thanksgiving they made a list.

Thanksgiving List

  1. Sparkling Apple Cider
  2. Turkey
  3. Rolls
  4. Cranberry Sauce
  5. Deviled Eggs
  6. Pumpkin Pie
  7. Chocolate Pie
  8. Olives
  9. Stuffing
  10. Mashed Potatoes
  11. Celery with cream cheese
  12. Sauteed Green Beans
  13. Eggnog
  14. Crackers and Cheese
  15. Corn Bread

I feel like we’re totally missing things, but as you can tell, they were pretty all inclusive.

Befuddled Father

You can’t fight time, because time fights back.

I have a little girl who just turned ten.  She is not a baby, I know this because I’m constantly witnessing the amazing things she does.  But when she told me she finished a book at school, my initial thought was it would be some fourth grade appropriate book, with the occasional picture and no more than a hundred pages.  Then she slammed the book down on the couch:

It’s a 544 page monster.  (we listened to the audiobook and I can confirm it’s a little bit more monster than book.)

I thought “Well she’s been in school a bit, I never see her read, but perhaps it’s taken a few months, amazing job reading though.

Then, two days ago I took her to the book store and thought if I bought her a book it would take her a good month to finish.  We bought it on Tuesday, Thursday after school she said “Oh, I’ve already finished that book.” (250 pages)  and I realized that I have unintentionally missed another critical milestone.  Not only can my daughter read.  But she can read much faster than me.

Now I understand so much better why she laughed when she saw this meme:

bigger book

The Duality of Man

It all began with a little shaving lotion.  Oh how many stories begin that way.  Actually this all began without a little shaving lotion.

I am of two minds on what this photo means.  So a little back story may help.  I took my daughter on our special weekend out on vacation, but having forgotten to pack the shaving lotion and not wanting to look like a scrub I decided to shave without it which was bad for me, and to keep from getting in grown hairs I let the hair grow out a little bit.  After a couple of days I thought on this concept, of how I am both right… and wrong, how people can be both good, and not good… but also how such things are perceived.  (You know, that guy is wearing black he must be bad, that guy didn’t shave, he must be evil, etc.)

In the end, the meaning is really up to you.

And the Lower Res Version –

Duality of Man Web Version-1

And then the other side of the Duality:

Second Duality of Man for Web-1

A little more behind the scenes:

This was a family event.  The children were 100% behind the idea and helped with focusing the camera, as well as making sure the lighting was perfect.

I LOVE THE LIGHTING!  I love that the dark side of my face is light, and I love that the light side has dark behind it.  I think this is deep and says something towards the meaning of the photo.  Here’s the lighting diagram.


Here you can see that we had the main subject up right next to the light, my oldest daughter behind me holding the panel to block light, the youngest girl dancing around being the main photographer, my oldest assisting to ensure the elements were in place to give us that lighting effect without anything extra showing up in the photo… then my younger son sitting on the opposite side of the room so he’s with us.


Here you see my photo space… though we used the white screen and have some boards on the ground to give it support.