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Mangled Poetry – Making It Work

Mangled poetry is about poetry, and wanting to make poetry and share your thoughts, and there are no barriers to this, and should be nothing holding you back.  Once a week I like to post a mangled poem and highlight … Continue reading

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Wisdom of the Ages – Book Review

I haven’t reviewed books on this site before, and it’s because most of the books I get my hands on are difficult to write about.  With the new movie this weekend, and the excitement in the blog world, I felt … Continue reading

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Perspective is everything.  One of the most valuable lessons I learned from business management was that perspective makes a big difference and that sometimes you need to take a look from a thousand feet up to see a clear picture, … Continue reading

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Mangled Poetry – Distraction

This week I took a minute to look at some of the really great mangled poems of our time.  What I discovered makes a really fantastic mangled poem is distraction.  This is when someone starts to write about one thing, … Continue reading

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The Vampire – Part 2

The darkness held onto me.  I felt utterly at peace, weightless and drifting through oblivion beyond description.  I had a feeling that all my troubles were far behind me, and before me, I saw adventure and hope, there was a … Continue reading

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Mangled Poetry – Rhyming No Matter What

Mangled Poetry comes so naturally, and this week I want to revisit the “Rhyme” poem, where the meaning takes second seat to authors desire to make sure it rhymes.  This weeks rhyme scheme is a,a, b,b, c, c, I title … Continue reading

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The Job a New Beginning

The room was dark, black billowing darkness crept through the hallways as if alive, hunting for the same thing the rest of us longed for, escape.  I sat at my desk watching the darkness enfold the hallways, encircle the chairs, … Continue reading

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