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Twas the Night Before Christmas

It’s almost Christmas again,  the only light besides the tree are the fireplace flickering warmly through the room.  The kids are all snuggled with their dreams of tomorrow and of the little man in the sleigh tonight.  I’m listening to … Continue reading

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Holiday Lessons

I have learned a few things in the last month that I’ll try to share: A Wal-Mart Christmas is gauche – I see lawn displays that are made to simply plug in and it will automatically and “magically” bring the … Continue reading

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Mangled Poetry – Irreverent

Mangled Poetry – Irreverent / Inappropriate Welcome to the Sunday Mangled Poem.  A mangled poem is a poem that started out with the best of intentions but somewhere along the line it was derailed, the rhyme breaks, the rhythm is … Continue reading

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The Cave

Every step echoed you could hear the sound waves crashing off the walls though the cavern was relatively large.  Darkness enfolded the spacious cave, the earth gray walls shone with moisture yet no stalactites covered the ceiling.  The cave gave … Continue reading

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