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Nothing to Say

Or… there’s a lot to say; but no words.

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The Avalanche Falls

I hate to complain, it’s not why I write a blog; so I’m hoping this doesn’t sound like a lot of whining.  I’m frighteningly overwhelmed.  I have a class that requires about three hours of home work a night, and … Continue reading

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A Boy and his Math

Another day comes and goes, I spent today waking through a fog placed somewhere between dreaming and being awake.  I realized first thing, that I needed more sleep, one of the most sure signs of this is when you try … Continue reading

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Evening Dream

I stand in a sea of darkness, surrounded by an absence of everything.The black void penetrates my eyes, my ears, and looking above or below yields absolutely no sensation.Even the air is without flavor or depth. This is how it … Continue reading

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The Stuff Dreams are Made of

Tonight as I made a comment about licking someones ear, my mind was taken back to a simpler time.  It occurred to me that there was one movie that introduced me to that concept, and the more I thought about … Continue reading

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The Fountain of Knowledge – Math (Lattice Multiplication, Wow!!!)

Sitting in the classroom reviewing the important of times tables I was beginning to wonder what the point of it all was.  Most of what we’ve talked about so far is something I already knew.  Perhaps this journey, this class, … Continue reading

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Mangled Poetry – Summer

Sometimes I like to mangle a poem to death; by which I mean I will take a thought and put it to poetry and quality doesn’t matter. The dawn of summer morn evaporates dreams as it creeps across the floor, … Continue reading

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Old Made New

Today was the start of my summer semester; in this class I have one real goal, to unlearn what I have learned. (star wars quote) In kindergarten they teach you that a squished circle is an oval; but as you … Continue reading

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