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The Path I Walk

I have no clever or witty beginning to this post, anyone who knows me knows that I’m working out and eating relatively healthy, but I want to share what I’m doing… in case you want to know the path I … Continue reading

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At the Front – Dream

I feel I should almost apologize that this has become something more of a dream journal as of late: I was visiting a friend who was in the national guard and at a city that they had secured in the … Continue reading

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Elusive Sleep

A Letter to sleep: Dear Sleep, I’m not avoiding you… it’s just that I’m busy, and you’re not that interesting.I hope that you’re doing well, I know that we don’t see very much of each other, and I’m trying to … Continue reading

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It’s Almost Like a Dream – Story

There’s a silence that is associated with peace for me… it’s a trickle of a stream, or the gentle fall of rain, even the light breeze through the leaves.  Here, my mind grasps onto these things and holds them like … Continue reading

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Dreams – A Dinner Event

Fighting through the sands of sleep and waiting for the morn… I find that dreams are hard to keep, and harder still to mourn. Though I had to fight through those bitter sands of sleep that try to hold onto … Continue reading

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Christmas Comes Down

The other night, I woke in the middle of the night to my daughter making sounds in the night; my sleep broken by something high pitched and intense.  I listened in trepidation, was she okay?  Was she going to wake … Continue reading

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A Resolution against Resolutions

I’ve always believed that the time for change is ‘now’ not once a year… as such I look down on people in the gym who have never been there before, but will spend the first two weeks (or two months … Continue reading

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