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The Daily Miracles

There are parts of every job that give satisfaction, for a gardener it’s that first flash of green, and when the fruit is ready to be picked… or the calm cool morning when everything is growing just the way it … Continue reading

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Bed time is a magic time, it's a time when dreams begin and children lay down to sleep.  Something that's always helped me to get the children to go to sleep, even from when they were just little tiny things … Continue reading

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The Thing About Dragons Is:

I know a little about a lot of things, but about Dragons I know a lot. The things about dragons is that there are a lot of them, not just numbers but different kinds, they are like birds that way.  … Continue reading

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Another Interesting Dream

I swear this is more than just a dream blog… but we find out so much through our dreams. I had a dream just now that I had inherited my Grandfathers house.  At first it was just me in the … Continue reading

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The Recurring Swimming Pool

I have a dream… often. That’s probably why they call it recurring. In this dream I’m exploring BYU-Idaho (well the dream version of it, which is often abstract) I grew up near Rexburg Idaho… so dreaming about exploring the college … Continue reading

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