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Something of a Blog- 31 October 2011

What a crazy week, I don't even know where to begin.  If I were to pick a name for this week, I'd call it Halloween week.  While I was at the store it occured to me that Halloween has taken … Continue reading

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Short, a Little Something, in the Kitchen

The title cracks me up.  One of the best ways to trick encourage children to eat what you've made is to have them make it.  

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How to do a Positive Attitude

Some days it seems that everything is against you, like you fall into a rut and it feels there's no escape.  Here are some simple ways to have a positive attitude. Smile Sing Do something nice, for somebody else Exercise … Continue reading

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Something of a Poem – I Prayed

You'll have to forgive me for posting another poem; the subject has been on my mind lately.   I Prayed I prayed for patience, I was given reasons to practice it, I prayed for money, I was given an appreciation … Continue reading

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Mad Science – the Science Fair of Science!

I like to show the kids how the world works… and thankfully their school feels the same.  They had a science fair, and there were things… and stuff!

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Wordless Wednesday – Sleepy

I call ths Wordless Wednesday "Sleepy"  I think I should probably find a title that references the child in it too. 😉 I let my daughter pick which version of this picture I'd post up there.  I'll have to work … Continue reading

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The Diet – Raw Vegan Shake Progress Update 2.5

This weeks post has had me giddy for the last few days and it starts with a few simple questions. Do you feel like: You have tried to lose weight and cannot? You have no energy? You are not healthy? … Continue reading

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Something of a Vlog – October 24, 2011

  Honestly, it seems I don't know very much about what's going on in the news,  but I know something about what's going on here, I'm watching the children grow up, like a Gardner watching plants grow fruit, it's not … Continue reading

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Little Fingers – Something of a Poem

Lately it feels as if no amount of holding the children close can be enough, they simply grow too fast. I watch time slip between my fingers, I remember the things that my Father and Grandfather have said about how: … Continue reading

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Call for Special Day of Service

Today was one of those red letter days, where you come home and you see nothing but red ALL OVER … on everything that wasn't totally protected from the sun. Today Church leaders were asking members around the world to perform … Continue reading

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