Freeze! Don’t tell Toy Story!

My Grandfather was a refrigeration man, in fact as a youth he carried blocks of ice to help people keep their cold boxes cold.  My Father was a refrigeration man, from his knee I learned about the inner workings of the ice machine and coller box.  I was a refrigeration man, at fifteen I took the certification test (and passed) to work on all but the most commercial forms of coolers, freezers, and ice makers.  I guess one might say this is in my blood.

When I was 10, I realized that winters in Idaho are cold… a fact that I used to my great advantage as I made water balloons and hung them from the mini barn rafters.  I learned to not mind the cold.  It is the Father's responsibility to teach the children about the things he cares about so that they may have a chance to care about it as well, and with that constantly in mind, I saw that my daughter had put her color changing hot wheels car in the freezer, so that it might change from yellow to red.  It was then I decided to show the children what I did with my toys at that age.

When they came home from school, I had forgotten it, but when I originally did it I let the smallest one see… so she was more than eager to tattle on Daddy.

The reaction of the children was hilarious, first was awe, wonder, then discovery followed by emulation.  The next thing I knew the freezer was a new and exciting play ground!

I can't probably explain how awesome it was to see the light of discovery in my children's eyes as they tortured these poor things.

The next day they got more brave with what they froze:

My daughter even put poor Sleeping Beauty on ice.

Have you ever played with the ice?  Do you or have you done something like this?  If not I highly recommend it, at least a litlle bit.

As a hilarious side note, my older daughter has been watching a lot (every single episode) of "The Amazing Spiderman and Friends" that's on netflix, his friends are 'Fire Girl and Iceman"  the jokes that she made when she saw I had frozen her car had her eyes wide as if she just met her favorite super hero!

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5 Responses to Freeze! Don’t tell Toy Story!

  1. Jason says:

    Oh no, poor sleeping beauty! She looks so cold, sleeping in that block of ice. The storm trooper is taking it like a man though, and anakin, well i don't think he even notices that he's frozen. He's probaby just meditating right now.

  2. Suki L says:

    Haha, that looks like fun. It'll be a few years yet before Kaelyn cares though.

  3. omama says:

    No ducky's? I'm thinking that they are hiding, and rethinking how wise it is to watch you.! lolhehe.

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