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Wordless Wednesday – Adorable Indentured Servitude


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How to Have a High Metabolism – Raw Vegan Shake Diet

Metabolism is the process your body uses to process food to keep you alive.  (Awesome definition, by me) What a high metabolism means is that your body burns a lot of energy very easily.  Low metabolism means that your body … Continue reading

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After Thanksgiving Vlog – November 28 Update

This week I think my vlog update will actually include a vlog.  Funny story… I'm not including a vlog this week either, I blame technical difficulties, or just being too lazy.  My apologies It's been a great week to focus … Continue reading

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A Time to be Thankful

This is the time of year when there is a real need to talk about the things that we're thankful for.  The other day before I let the children eat Thanksgiving dinner we took a moment, as has become the … Continue reading

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Puzzle Pieces Along the Way – A Confession about Divorce

Once upon a time (that's how I like to begin stories like this one) I destroyed the world… Over the course of nearly ten years I had been creating a world with children who were happy and knew a life … Continue reading

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How to Smile – Dairy Queen

This'll be a short post, to make up for the LONG one I did yesterday.   Children like buffets, even when they aren't very good.  I took the children to one just like that, and as my youngest was thrilling … Continue reading

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How to Make Turkey Like a Single Father of Four

When people think of a single Father of four, they probably immediately think of someone who can throw together a Thanksgiving dinner like a wizard, summoning together pent up powers of dormant domesticity to his beck and call.  I do … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Tucson

A frigid 75 degrees in Tucson in November.

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How to Avoid Holiday Weight – Raw Vegan Shake Diet Update

The holidays are a time to get fat! That seems to be the running belief from everyone I talk to. They say “I want to get into shape, but after the holidays.” I’ve sat down and done some math. Let … Continue reading

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Weekly Update – 11/21/11 – Another ‘Not a Vlog’

I do totally intend to vlog these weekly updates at some point in the future… perhaps not THESE weekly updates, but the future ones, and when I do, I hope it's fantastic! This week has been amazing!  Every week is … Continue reading

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