How to Have a High Metabolism – Raw Vegan Shake Diet

Metabolism is the process your body uses to process food to keep you alive.  (Awesome definition, by me)

What a high metabolism means is that your body burns a lot of energy very easily.  Low metabolism means that your body is holding onto that energy.

Your body has two modes, High, and Low.  If it feels that it is starving it goes into the low mode, because it has to store all of the food you eat (fat) because it doesn’t know when it’ll eat again.  When you are eating little bits all the time then your body is in a state of plenty, and it burns everything… that’s high mode.

Some of the benefits in high mode is that your body is burning the food you get, so you feel energized, your hair grows faster, your nails grow faster, and you heal faster.  I also find it is harder to get sick, and easier to heal when you do get sick.

Some of the benefits of low mode is that you can survive longer in a state of famine, and you can get plenty of rest.  Bears use low mode a lot during the winter… and humans have a natural tendency in the fall to follow those habits.  (Just another reason that gaining weight during the holidays is easier.)

I made a chart about how my metabolism reacts to different eating styles.

Chart showing different metabolism reactionsWhat you see here is that on the Raw Vegan diet you’re honestly hungry more often, but every time you get hungry you have a shake or some fruit, it keeps your metabolism high because you’re always digesting something.  Even if you only take a shake for breakfast, lunch and eat a regular dinner (what’s shown above) the fiber makes it so your body is always in a state of digestion, keeping your metabolism high.  Typical American shows a modest breakfast, some fast food for lunch, and garbage for dinner.  Your body burns through the processed food in minutes, and goes back into a state of starvation telling your body to hold onto all it’s got! Last is the chart from what my old eating style used to be like.  I thought “pffffst, whatever, who needs breakfast” so my body would stay in Low Mode, then I’d eat lunch, and a garbage dinner.  I was in a constant low metabolism even though I worked out hard.

In conclusion: If you want a high metabolism, eat little foods all through the day, for me the easiest way to do this is doing the raw vegan shake thing.  Is there something that works better for you?  How does your metabolism chart look?

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2 Responses to How to Have a High Metabolism – Raw Vegan Shake Diet

  1. Jason says:

    It’s tough to say what my chart might look like. In the morning I drink about 1/2 galon of water immediately to re-hydrate myself. Then i’ll have my breakfast which is usually 10 bananas, or a smoothie made with lots of fruits and greens. It usually ends up being about 32-40oz. After that i don’t get hungry again till around 4 hours later. At that point i’ll usually eat another big pile of random ripe fruits that I have available. It’ll usually be apples, pears, oranges, more bananas, pineapple (if i found a ripe one), dates, plums, or pretty much any other tasty fruit I happened to find at the grocery store. I like them all. Then from that point, i’ll usually just snack on a few pieces of fruit here and there throughout the day until dinner time. For dinner is where I like to get my extra fats for the day (if any). So I might have a large salad. I use a metal mixing bowl, since normal bowls aren’t big enough. To that salad i like to make a fresh dressing, made of oranges juice, ripe bell peppers, and sometimes a few nuts. I also like adding some avocado. This routine has made me feel amazing.

    • Durante says:

      Sounds to me like you’d have a chart more amazing than mine, Mine dips a little during the day and I feel amazing, but never being hungry is such a huge key to being amazing… I like that you do fats before bed that can keep your metabolism high through the night. I should do more nuts and fatty veggies before bed.

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