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2011 – A Year to Remember

2011 is coming to an end, and with it I can't help but feel regret to see it go, I love the future and look forward to every minute of it… but as with any ending there's a moment of … Continue reading

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Another Step to Immortality – Kettlebells, a Beginning

I started the Raw Vegan Shake diet, and it's helped me feel unstoppable on so many levels.  The second tier of immortality is fitness, previously I've spent hours in a gym, but I'm honestly too busy to spend hours in … Continue reading

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The children were laughing, nothing feels quite as good as a full stomach, and a full stomach from food that the Father should know better than to feed them.  This is usually the time that someone in the restaurant will … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Grateful


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Raw Vegan Shake Resolution

New Years is coming, and a lot of people like to take this time to look at their life and ways that they can improve.  One of the most popular resolutions is weight loss.  With that in mind I have … Continue reading

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Something of an Update Monday Vlog – 12/26/2011

It's almost 2012, Christmas is over and all of the stores are trying to get rid of the stuff they were selling for twice as much (or three times as much) last week.  It feels anticlimactic. This last week Christmas … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!!!

You already know I believe in Santa Claus.  I love Christmas, I love the lights, I love the feeling of good will that permeates through the house… but most of all I love the look on the face of my … Continue reading

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Count Down to Santa – One Day Left

It's one day till Santa comes, (for some of you he's already been there) and the children couldn't be more excited!  We spent the day going from one online rental to another watching Christmas Movies, there are many we missed, … Continue reading

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Count Down to Santa – Two Days Left

I think that today is the last real shopping day before Christmas, or that's what I heard on the radio.  With that news two things have been brought to mind and one of them is that the children are amazing. … Continue reading

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Count Down to Santa – 3 Days Left

It's this time of year that is the hardest for the children to wait through, in previous years to help this I had calendars and holiday chains where they could take off a ring for every day.  Being busy is … Continue reading

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