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Wordless Wednesday – Smiles

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Tuesday – About Me; First Move

It's Tuesday, and I thought I might carry the story on from last Tuesday. Last Tuesday I mentioned that in order to feel like you really 'belong' in this Utopia where I'm from, that you have to spend some time … Continue reading

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Weekly Update 2/27/2012

The week has gone by way too quickly!!! This last week I was able to: Have two days off work Go exploring with the kids,  Get sick Get well Go to the Renaissance Festival Learn how to spell Renaissance Reading … Continue reading

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Something like Parenting Advice – Boo Boo

As a Father of four, I've learned a lot over the years.  Some of the things I've learned the hard way, hopefully I can help you learn things the easy way. A lesson I want to share, before it's too … Continue reading

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It’s About, Time; Hazzah!

There are a few deciding factors that made accept moving back to Arizona a chapter of my life, or so, ago.  One of the less obvious factors was the Arizona Renaissance Festival.  I'm kind of a huge nerd about some things, … Continue reading

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A Dream is a Wish – But it isn’t a Goal

Lately I've been reminded that there's a huge difference between a dream and a goal.  Dreams are things that you wish for, but they aren't things that you have any real plan​ set to achieve it.  A goal is something that … Continue reading

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A Poem – “I’m Only Five”

Lately, my heart has been opened as I've heard of stories of young children who are given exceptional challenges. I cannot fully express how, with the eyes of a Father of four, it affects me when I find out about … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Battleship

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Tuesday – About Me, Baby Pics

It's Tuesday, and I thought it appropriate to carry on the story from last Tuesday. I was born in the mountains, but the nature of the blessed north is that you cannot settle there until you've proven yourself.  It was … Continue reading

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Weekly Update 2/20/2012

This last week feels like it was the lake the surrounds the island that is the present.  I don't mind watching time stand still, but it is dangerous, it gives me time to think. Here are the things I've been … Continue reading

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