Movie Review – The Avengers

I don't often do movie reviews, but some movies really stand out and scream to be talked about!

This evening, immediately after work I had a date with my children… we are all huge nerds and have, time and again, talked about the different comic book movies that are out and that are coming out.  We did this to the point where all of us were beyond hyper about this new movie.

Typically with a movie like this I take the hype and set that as the bar.  Most of the time I also prepare for brain candy and hope for nothing more.  Despite my love of the subject, and how much I enjoyed the other movies, I still approached this one with limited expectations.

The movie was a thousand times better than I imagined!!!  Marvel has a formula for successful movies, and the last several have followed this formula… so what I was expecting was something similar to what we've seen already, but with more heroes.  What I got was something else entirely, it was more than brain candy.  I lost myself in this universe as if it were fresh and new again.  I laughed outloud without reservation, something that none of the other movies had inspired, and this happened many times through the movie.  It was a 'feel good' movie, that was full of action and character complexity.  In my opinion they took the BEST of the comics and made it better.  My favorite part was the unrestrained laughter that was so honest and true that the kids joined with me… and everyone else in the theater to laugh outloud as if we were all collectively the only ones in the room.

I highly recommend seeing it!

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