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Fatherly Advice – Service

Each week I like to share some basic advice to help my children, and anyone else, who needs to learn lessons the easy way. This week my advice is hard, but great. Do service. There are hundreds of your own … Continue reading

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Verses out of Rhythm

It’s not common for a dream to take flesh and walk the earth. It’s not common for a wish to experience true birth. It’s like a daydream woke me to whisper it is real. It’s like a fairytale that’s better … Continue reading

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Children Shall be their Oppressors

I don't often talk about religion, or scriptures… but this week a quote has recurred to me several times.""Woe to the generation that understands this book!" The quote talks about the Book of Mormon specifically, but it can refer to … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Sunday

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Tuesday – About Me; Safety?

Once upon a time we were asked to keep a journal, this perhaps isn't a "journal" but it is an account of all that I remember as I grew up.  The story continues from last week: It's difficult to describe … Continue reading

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Weekly Update – 6/25/10

Another week bites the dust!  Time is funny, it just keeps going!   The summer in the desert is a lot like the winter in the north, we've been spending a lot of time in doors.  Being in doors isn't … Continue reading

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Parenting Advice – Team Building

Each week I like to share some brief parenting advice that I've learned over the years, today I want to talk a little bit about team building. If there were a single secret to raising children, I'd say that it's … Continue reading

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Fatherly Advice – Play

Every week I write a little Fatherly advice that may do my children, or someone who needs Fatherly advice, some good.  Before I write this, I imagine sitting with one of my children as we fold clothes, or cook, or … Continue reading

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A Dream Catcher

A dream catcher, comes from the Native American culture and is a net that hangs over or near your head as you sleep and catches good and bad dreams.  The good dreams are filtered down to the person sleeping through … Continue reading

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How to Survive in the Desert – A Parents Guide

"It's a dry heat" I'm often told, and that's supposed to make me feel better about the temperature gauge in the car reading 109 degrees (that's 42.7 degrees Celsius!) Typically when someone says "But it's a dry heat" I think … Continue reading

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