Weekly Update; June 4, 2012

I enjoy sharing an update of my week here. It's been a really decent week. Every road has bumps, the trick is to keep them from ruining the trip. This last week my parents came to visit and it was at just the right time. They say that when life gives you lemons you should make lemonade, but, to be honest you still need sweet things to make the lemonade decent. That's what my parents visit was, a little sugar to help get past the other part. 

This last week I loved going up the local mountain all 9k feet to the tip top where we had a cake picnic. Up there, 40 minutes straight up from Tucson the temperature was 74 degrees, from there you can see Tucson. Tucson was 110 degrees. It's no wonder they call the city up there Summer-haven. 

The children, my parents, and I had a blast! We drove around. I was able to show them places that are fun to eat out at, the new home, and even the world famous biosphere 2!

im very eager to go home and see my parents again now that their trip is done. 


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