Weekly Update 6-11-12

I hope you've had an amazing week, lately I've been thinking a lot about how people don't take the time to slow down.  I watched some videos online recently about communities that they found where there are a lot of 100+ year olds and one thing they all had in common was that they weren't in a rush to get where they were going… that's nothing like this last week.

Highlights of this last week: 

  • Working out with my son
  • Talking late into the night
  • Making home made French fries from SCRATCH. (Who knew they came from potatoes?!?)
  • Singing

It's been a great week, but it's not stress free yet.; there's still a ways to go, but the future is bright.  I'm hoping that this coming week helps get everything organized.


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  1. omama says:

    How did your fries turn out?

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