Weekly Update – 09 July 2012

Wow! What a week! It feels like things are moving at ludicrous speed, and I'm just swept along with it.  If I were to pick a theme for this last week, it'd reference the importance of spending time with family. 

I started off this last week a little sick. Seems getting sick very rarely meets its match when you over do it.  This week I took the kids closer to home. We did a whole lot together, and even though they could have spent time alone with my family while I went off to play… I've never been that kind of a Father. 

My favorite things this week include:

  • Going to my most favorite Mexican food restaurant in the whole earth with the kids. 
  • Going to the longest firework show of my life and having amazing seats with the kids and great people. 
  • Swimming a LOT
  • watching 'Big Fish' it's my favorite. 
  • Amazing pot roast & dinner
  • going to the waterfall and playing in the real water. 
  • Going to the worlds best chocolate store!
  • school clothes shopping. 
  • Playing in the splash park. 
  • Exploring under and through some gigantic buildings. 
  • Flying kites
  • playing in sand
  • Spending time with the best people!!!

Spending time with the children has been fantastic! I know I preach about business 'team building' being useful in parenting. But it really is worth it! These guys are great!!!

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