Tuesday – About Me; Drawing School

On Tuesdays I like pull out memories of my past… I'm up to around 9 years old, but it's barely joined together.

I discovered at an early age that my Brother has more of a talent for illustration and putting images to paper.  

I believe it was summer, on PBS they had a drawing show where they papered the wall and made a living city of imagination… shortly after that we found ourselves in a summer (I think) drawing class.  I learned the principles… my brother absorbed them.  

I have no idea how many classes we went to, I remember the drive there.  I remember sitting in class thinking "I'm in a school, that isn't mine, learning, when I don't have to."  It struck me as humorous.  That's the only real memory I have of it.  There was a balance at the time between desire to draw… which was moderate, against a desire to do … something else, which was moderately more.

An Example of my Brothers work. You should go and comment; tell him to post more on his blog.


Secret City… absolute artist inspiration.  If you've never seen it, check it out!

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  1. karen says:

    I can draw some cute things for my son…but other than that I stink at drawing. the video was impressive and awesome to watch it all come together.

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