Daily Dose – 9/11/2012; Best Day

You can’t know light without the dark, you can’t know up without down.  You can’t know awake if you don’t know sleepy, and you can’t know joy without misery…. and speaking of Misery.  Today was ‘the’ day.

Today I had scheduled to take the “Test of Destiny”  It’s a professional test to show that you know what you are doing… as important to Project Managers as the Bar is to Lawyers.  To say I suffered from test anxiety for something this catastrophically important would be an understatement.  I am normally very collected and sure of myself for tests… but I went into this one knowing a few very specific things.

  1. Worst Test Ever
  2. 200 questions
  3. 4 hours
  4. Pick “Best” answer, not “a right answer”

Turns out that the sadists who created this test really enjoyed giving you the right answers… in most questions there were three or four right answers… the job wasn’t to pick that one, it was to pick the very best right answer.    That sensation you get when climbing a mountain, feeling like you’ve trudged along for hours.  I had that sensation.  I was exhausted.  Then I looked at how many questions I had accomplished.  Just like in a hike, when you turn around from your exhaustion and still see the parking lot, I saw that I was on 20 of 200.  The test dragged on for hours, literally.  But… I passed!

The rest of the day flew on eagle wings.  With this success under my belt, I was able to go burn off all that anxiety and frustration at some random nearby gym (btw, short shorts on a guy, not me, are disgusting!)  From there I floated home, not even having my phone blow up from angry tests could dampen my mood as I showered, took the kids from the school to their Mothers, talked about their day (and explained about Flight or Fight), talked on the phone to one of my best friends ever, got an e-mail that made me smile, and then had perhaps the best dinner and walk of my life.  I feel like today will be a very hard day to beat.

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