Daily Dose – 9/6/2012; Rocky

There’s something not entirely right with the world when a ‘normal’ day of school, feels like you’re sleeping in.  It was one of those nights where the alarm didn’t have to wake you up; the glow of morning light was enough… and despite being five minutes from when the alarm goes off, you know you will cherish those five minutes… and I did; which made waking up when the alarm went off like pulling myself out of a tar bed.

Going to the gym is sometimes like pulling off a band-aid; or a strip of duct tape the kids politely nailed to your arm.  Today was like that; the lingering five minutes of sleep clung to me like southern humidity until the last 20 minutes at the gym, suddenly… with exhaustion pouring out of me, I felt like I could be awake now.  I tried to re-do some of my exercises with that renewed vigor… turned out, and I learned very quickly, that I had already used those muscles up.

IF you want to lose weight and tone up quick, this method of working out is pretty spectacular.  Instead of taking a break between exercises, I just do different exercises.  It’s high intensity/impact circuits… and I feel great!  I’ve lost two inches on my waist over the last three weeks, (toning up, not fat loss I’m sure) and when I catch myself in the mirror, I think “not terrible.” which is high praise.

I’ve discovered the secret to pushing homework on my son.  You may be surprised, it’s NOT yelling at him; though when he starts daydreaming it is kind of fun to call him back so he jumps… hope he doesn’t have a heart attack; I’d win worst Father award for that.  I sit him next to the desk facing the wall, and when he gets distracted, I call him back to his work, but when he gets stuck I explain how to do the problem in the easiest of whatever method I know.

Typically it’s a rush from homework to dinner to bed, tonight we took time to rake the rocks in the back yard… and since there aren’t supposed to be rocks (or left over construction nails) in the back yard, this was an activity that felt like we were doing more than just standing outside waiting for the rain to come in.  (it did rain, and it was beautiful!)  I might have to take pictures, it’s hilarious how the children were making designs on the dirt with the rakes.

Today, once we finished the dinner part of the evening, we still had an hour and a half till bedtime; which we squandered playing games and watching tv… it was a glorious and welcome waste of time that led to an easy bedtime.  If every night were this easy I’d feel as if I accidently entered in the cheat code for life!  (Now I just have to figure out what to do with the growing pile (huge pile) of rocks in the back yard.  Arizona seems to have a little dirt in their rocks.)

8 thoughts on “Daily Dose – 9/6/2012; Rocky

    1. A long time ago someone told me to just keep doing it for 30 days or so and then see how I felt about it. I guess it helped since I’ve been pretty decent about exercising since then.

      I dated a girl once who HATED sweating, she told me if we got serious I’d have to stop going to the gym because she’d definitely not go with me.

  1. My alarm has been jerking me awake lately and I dislike that… I’d much rather wake up a few minutes before, that always seems to make the morning so much easier.

    1. Once upon a time my father said “Want to sleep in a couple extra hours?” I said something along the lines of “Golly Gee, Boy would I!” (I’m old, right?) He said “Simple, go to sleep a couple hours earlier.” and then my childhood dreams were all shattered… just like that. I get the wisdom better now (So now I can shatter dreams)

      1. Haha, wise indeed! I tell ya though, you don’t even want to know how early I go to sleep when I have to open at my job and yet I still curse my alarm when it goes off!

        You can’t win!

        1. Yeah… going to bed early always makes my heart sad. I’m not really great at it, even when I know I have to be up around 4am.

          Usually I’ll run on 3 hours of sleep for a week then crash hard and do it again. Someday I’ll be old and won’t be able to do that… as much.

  2. I don’t mind when my son gets distracted as much as when he starts whining about not wanting to do it- that is what gets me.

    And yes, why is it if you sleep those extra five minutes it seems that much harder!

    Congrats on the toning up

  3. My oldest two never complained about homework and were very good at just getting it done, but my third dislikes it so much she’ll get mad and throw her pencil. Out nights are lots of fun as you can imagine 😉

    Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!


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