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The Journey Continues – Nutrition

It’s been a couple of weeks since I finished the Juice fast.  The biggest fear for someone doing something like that is that the weight you’ll lose won’t stay lost.  With this in mind I still haven’t fully returned to … Continue reading

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The Day that Never Was

It feels like one of those days that didn’t exist.  I remember waking up, I remember taking the kids to school, and I remember going to the gym.  But the time didn’t pass… it collapsed in on itself as if … Continue reading

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It’s About the Numbers … Fractions

I’m not actually teaching about Math in this post… not directly. I’ve mentioned this before, but not given its OWN blog post. Once upon a time, I was 10, and a year seemed forever, because it was.  A year was … Continue reading

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London Bridges

I can’t think of London Bridges without singing this song in my head (or whistling it really loud while I walk under it) Of course the kids remembered that there’s a nursery rhyme also about london bridges, and we laughed … Continue reading

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Dear Manufacturer

Dear Manufacturer, To Whom it may concern… I have reviewed your many products, and I simply love them all, below I’ve created a list features that I want included in my order. Smart – I don’t ask that she be … Continue reading

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Sarcasm on my Lips

There are ‘those’ days.   Except that I really want to take credit for how awesome they are in public…. most of the time they’re extremely attentive and obedient.

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That’s What you Get!

There are certain words that any parent hears above others.  In the beginning it’s a cry on the baby monitor, or the from across the room; but as time goes by, it turns into other things. Working on a project, … Continue reading

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Thinking of Fostering Children

(I’m cracking me up, if you aren’t amused… relax.) I’ve thought a lot lately about how there are no orphanages anymore… about how these poor children without anyone in the world just need someone. Someone who gets compensated to teach … Continue reading

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The Tale of the Ghost Fever…

It was a dark and stormy night… except that I’m in Tucson, so I think it’d be more accurate to start the story off with an explicative on how hot it is. Let me try starting that story again: “Even though … Continue reading

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Oh Would you Like to Swing on a Star

As a part of my getting the kids to bed at night I’ve started a new thing.  I call it “Time Alone with Daddy.”  (I know, it’s not a creative name.)  It works like this.  After night prayers, each child … Continue reading

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