Just Desserts

There is a moment when you see poetry in motion, a blindingly full moon or that perfect lightning bolt… the sunset that takes your breath away and you remember that The Lord loves you.

This moment was a lot like those.  A piece of beautiful music written on the living vision of my eyes.  I was driving (as I seem to do so much) and the light ahead was green and had been for a few seconds, I didn’t even need to slow down… except that the person coming from the right side wanted to turn, and didn’t feel the need to either signal, or even slow down as she plowed into the barely blank space in front of me.

I slowed down, and shook my head thinking “Doesn’t she know that’s dangerous!? … and illegal?”  Then I looked to my left, the large black and white suburban was like a well trained pointing dog … who just got called to point.  I almost cheered as I saw the red and blue lights flash on within seconds of having to slow down to avoid thoughtlessness of this lady.  It probably happens more often than I have a chance to see, but there’s poetry out there, if you keep your eyes open.

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