Busy as a One Legged Man in a Soccer Match!

Today I made a list of things I needed to do to get ready for Easter.

  • Fold / Hangup Clothes
  • Straighten up Living Room
  • Mop Bathrooms
  • Do Dishes
  • Grocery / Easter Shopping
  • Help Easter Bunny place baskets and eggs
  • Bake bread for Easter Dinner
  • Prepare Ham and put in oven (16 hours in an oven bag at 175 ought to do it.)

And, I nearly finished an amazing audiobook!

I’m not going to promise I got it all done, but I got enough of it done that tomorrow when the kids get home from Church they’ll be almost as impressed as I am.  (Then I can make them finish the rest… which I got mostly finished.)

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One Response to Busy as a One Legged Man in a Soccer Match!

  1. omama says:

    “Ta-Da” Well done! you did great. And the kids will love finishing your eggs.
    Is it time to buy new running shoes for yourself?

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