The Things We Do

If they knew how very much my heart aches to please them, to teach them, and to make sure that they have everything they need to be happy, and prepared for the future.  If they understood that, then they’d perhaps notice that I spent more than half the day, just making a tiny little purse for my tiny little girl.

“Daddy.”  My son began “I wish there were a way to say thank you to my Mother.”

“Why is that?”  I queried.

“Because she feeds us.”  He said, matter of factually.  “Every day, she feeds us.”

… can’t help but be grateful for that.Baby Purse Pursey Purse Purse of Destiny

The purse is made with black velvet (not the easiest fabric to sew) and two yellow micromesh wash-clothes.  The wash-clothes were already in the size I wanted to use, so I also used them as the template for the velvet.  The way the velvet scrunches was counteracted by the way the micromesh ‘sticks’ to other fabrics.  The end product… wasn’t bad, and probably took a lot more time than buying a cheap piece of purse would have, but she is grateful.  Previous to this her purse of choice was a shopping bag I had gotten at the store.  Which broke my heart, and I wanted to give her something ‘more’.

She said “I love it because you made it for me.  Because it’s beautiful, and cute!”

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