Handy Manny, and the Power of Tools

I rarely watch the TV… but for the last two days my youngest has decided that’s how she wants to spend her days before summer break begins.

I don’t love TV, so when we watch it, it has to be something… not terrible, and that has led us to watch an old favorite (favorite of many of my children)

Handy Manny!

handy mannyHandy Manny teaches us that you can do the job, especially if you use the right tool and teamwork!

So, with that, I’ve dipped into my past memories of doing maintenance in the Air Force and composed a quick list of basic tools, and their uses.:

SqueezePliers – Pincers with parallel, flat, and typically serrated surfaces, used for:

  1. Gripping small objects,
  2. Bending wire,
  3. Stripping bolts,
  4. Hammering little things,
  5. Prying things with the handle.
  6. Leveraging the screwdriver to yank, pull, or ‘get at’ something your fingers can’t.

handy manny screwdriverScrewdriver; A tool with a flattened or cross-shaped tip that fits into the head of a screw to turn it.  Used for:

  1. Prying things open,
  2. Leveraging nails out of wood, or metal against metal,
  3. Opening paint cans,
  4. Chiseling wood, concrete, or metal,
  5. Bending things,
  6. Turning screws.

monkey wrenchMonkey Wrench / Wrench – An adjustable wrench with large jaws that has its adjusting screw contained in the handle.  Used for:

  1. Hammering,
  2. Bending,
  3. Tightening,
  4. Loosening,
  5. Threatening,
  6. Brawling,
  7. Leveraging and Prying.

(Now imagine the look on poor Handy Manny’s face, or my dear Grandfather’s)





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