Old is the New, New.

Lately, I’ve been humbled… or picky, or unwilling to spend more on something I want to buy for less.

I’ve never been much for bargain shopping, and when it comes to second hand stores, I have a firm “ew” feeling that takes a little bit to overcome.  I do have my limits and won’t buy clothes from a place like that. (my own personal germ psychosis I’m unwilling to work on overcoming) but lately, as I have been searching for the basic things that make a house into a home; the thought has come to me. “There are things you won’t buy used, (like a mattress) but there are things you will.”

My gateway ‘drug’ into this line of thought was to search for home gym equipment.  Most people want as much for their used junk as the new stuff, but it was a start.

On my list for the last long while, has been new filing cabinets.  But as I looked at the new ones for sale, I realized I didn’t feel they were worth that much.  Bargain shopping, coupon cutting, and internet scouring wasn’t serving me well.  but through that gateway ‘drug’ I came to the conclusion that perhaps online at places like e-bay I could find something.

From e-bay I went to Craigslist, and as I found that this, my humble quest, wasn’t as hopeless as I thought, I remembered a once upon a time helping an office I worked out liquidate their empty cubicles before they moved, and I recalled how they used craigslist to get rid of premium office stuff for prices that would barely recoup the moving expenses.

Which all came together with me buying a very large four shelf filing cabinet that I could buy new for $250, but only having to pay $20 for it.  (I’m going to have to do this more.  I know I need at least one more filing cabinet.)


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