Simple Rockets

I haven’t yet posted about any of the apps I use, or games I might play on my phone… probably.  I don’t often play games, I barely have time… but this developer makes ‘smart’ games, and those are the kind that I enjoy, if I do happen to be waiting in an overfull waiting room … or something.

It’s a game about rocket science. Build rockets however you want, blast off into space, and explore the solar system. It uses realistic physics, just like SimplePhysics, so you will actually learn some stuff about rocket science along the way.


It’s available on iPhone/iPadAndroidWindows Phone and PC. Make sure you grab it today while it’s on sale!

emailscreenshotMy review so far:  Fun!  I was able to go… pretty far from the Earth and can think of ways to go farther.  I really enjoy that kind of thing… I just wish I had more time.

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