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Turkey is Poison

Once upon a time, I posted a guide to how to do Thanksgiving Turkey, which is great because I haven't written it anywhere else, so as I stumbled through the grocery store I was able to remind myself what ingredients … Continue reading

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The Introvert Wars

They are referred to as the Introvert wars, but some might do better to call it an extended campaign.  It begins, as it often does when someone who is not an introvert looks at an introverted person and thinks "Oh … Continue reading

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Brilliant Rain

Sometimes in life it is sunny, and sometimes it rains… I have said, and probably always will "Let it rain." Full photo set can be found here  

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Weighted Decision Matrix

The other title I wanted to use for this post is "I hate making decisions"  because that's what my son said that inspired this subject.   It was a dark and stormy night, the car flashed through the back alleyways … Continue reading

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She’s Too Tall

I am alone, except for children, and they are awesome children.  Occasionally someone will message me out of the blue on some social media stream and offer an idea of a friend, a cousin, or disabled aunt that I should … Continue reading

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At Night

At night when I try to write, the words fail me.  All through the day words fill my mind, and then I sit, and my mind swims in waters so deep that no words can be found.  Days are going … Continue reading

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Playing with Toys

I've been practicing with a new toy I got for my camera… little spacers that fit between my lens and the camera that make it so I can be close enough with the camera to nearly knock things over.  It's … Continue reading

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A Slow Dance

Sometimes the night reminds us that we're alone, sometimes the fire dances reminding us that we are not. 

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Night Light

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I Know How to Spell IEP

"Why are you here?"  The lady behind the desk droned, in imitation of the lady monster from Monsters Inc. Then I told her, and while I was signing into the school I looked over at my youngest, who got to … Continue reading

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