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The Perfect Christmas Eve

I may have figured it out, I may have finally done it 'right'.   Almost all holidays are stressful for me, there's a great obligation to get things right, a heavy desire to make sure that the experience for the … Continue reading

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Daddy Lullaby

I have amazing children, the kind that listen when you talk, the kind that try to make your day better when it's bad, and the kind that will clean when you're away.  But sometimes they surprise me still by how … Continue reading

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Daddy Needs a Lasso

One of the greatest gifts I have given to the children (this is debateable) is the gift of Mime.   As big Red Skelton fans (example video) They have grown up with a great understanding of how real imagination can … Continue reading

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Just a Boy from a Farm

I have met people who are always in control of the situation, people who look at the world with jaded eyes without a hint of curiosity and wonder, but this is not me. As I explore this world, the more … Continue reading

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So Tired

Someone might call it an experiment, others may call it torture, but I ran out of words to call it a day ago.  I'm tired, the kind of tired that makes you wonder at your own existance.  The kind of … Continue reading

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Getting the Tree

Once upon a time, we needed to buy a Christmas tree.  For the last 3 years we have had Real Christmas trees, this year I announced the frustration from a real tree being too much, to which the children wept, … Continue reading

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Families ARE Forever

Today was one of those red letter special days that will go down in the history of the Family as being wonderful.  My oldest boy, has turned 12, and with it comes a special opportunity.  He was able to recieve … Continue reading

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Taste of the West

Adventure awaits.  More photos can be found on my Flickr Page.

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Whisper What it is you Want

I was surprised to see that it wasn't one of Santa's helpers with the fake beard and familiar face.  MOre on my Flickr

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