More to Do

For the sake of all ego… I wish I could do a better job of slowing down time!

Today after work the children and I:

  1. Did homework
  2. Did Laundry
  3. Made Dinner
  4. Planted plants (4 rasberry sticks, 2 Rose … super sticks, and 2 fruit trees.) … Digging in the ground in Arizona would be easier with Dynomite… each hole took just short of forever.  
  5. Worked on the pinewood Derby (it's all finished except the tires, I helped enough that it's still his, but I still had to be there for every step and supervise the whole thing.
  6. Did Laundry…
  7. Listened to an audiobook
  8. and Bedtime.

I'm extremely blessed that time stopped long enough that the Children and I could do so much!  But there's still so much more that needs to be done.  Had I let myself, there are about 10 reports I need to have done from work, there's dishes, mopping the floor (after going outside we were lucky to sweep it, but the mud still followed us.) I need to get the kids beds out of the way, the delivery people are bringing new beds tomorrow, if I were a good Father I'd have picked up their new sheets too, or a foam mattress cover.  We ended up skipping shower time, and at some point I'm going to have to be brave enough to do our taxes.  (I can't skip the shower tonight, if I shake my head hard enough sawdust still falls out, today has been very much a full day.

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  1. Omama says:

    What no elves in your life? I don't have any either.

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