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The Chaotic Sunrise

Anyone who knows me knows that of all the things I lack, ambition isn't one of them. Right now, I'm working very hard with: My Children Work Learning to Fly Learning Magic My Children – Need all the help they … Continue reading

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Put Together

Along the theme of something undone I look out the window at the lit open windows of the houses around, I remember the living rooms of the people from Church I've visited, and I can't help but conclude that these … Continue reading

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Jokes you Can’t Tell at Work

I work where I occasionally have to go into the hospital, and there are jokes that flash through my mind but I can't tell… I can only shrug when someone says "Why are you smiling?" and say something like "Because … Continue reading

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I Know the Future

"Dad,"  My son began "I know there's a girl you like, are you going to marry her?"   I laughed in return.  "I cannot tell the future son.  I don't know." "Yes you can!"  He replied with the faith of … Continue reading

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Counting on Me

In the past when I've wanted to lose a little weight I've tried juice fasts, or just drinking 'green smoothies' raw vegan shakes, and working out harder… Once upon a time I counted calories, and another time I tried pure … Continue reading

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Never Never Land

Sometimes I talk too much, and in this case the pictures speak for themselves.  The whole HD set can be found here. Yes… it was magical, it's hard to go to neverland and then come back to where the lost … Continue reading

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