Put Together

Along the theme of something undone I look out the window at the lit open windows of the houses around, I remember the living rooms of the people from Church I've visited, and I can't help but conclude that these people, even in chaos, have things put together.

What do I mean put together?  I don't know.  It seems I was there once, where you could have company over, they look around at how established the home is with a sense of permanence… and stability.  Perhaps it's an aura, perhaps it's more… maybe it's just having furniture fill up those empty spaces in a way that makes it look like you've given it more than a couple of spare thoughts.

So I bought paint… and on my list of things to do will be to buy something to eventually fill that empty space, or not… there are other things I want to do, perhaps I'm just waiting for all the kings horses and all the kings men.

2 thoughts on “Put Together

  1. It would help your psyche to get it put together. I see dark wood cabinets, leather couch, two comfy chairs, pillows,a throw on the couch as well as an ottoman. Drapes, a table with lamp, and several standing lamps for light. Ohhh I could have some much fun spending your money!

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