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Precious Moments

For a long time I've wanted to take one of the kids out by themselves to let them know, in a one on one kind of way how special, unique, and fun I find each one to be.  The opportunity … Continue reading

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The Places we Play

I consider being a Father more than just 'a responsibility' more even than a 'divine calling' though it may be both of those, it's also a lot of fun.  I feel like I'm good at it.  Sometimes better than others… … Continue reading

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A Spiritual Impression

Sometimes life is hard.  Sometimes when life is hard we have a tendency to rip our clothing, look to the heavens and yell.  But now that I'm a parent, and have had a little time to think about it, I … Continue reading

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Red Flags of Dating

The Wisdom of Ages comes, not from an unseen oracle, a wise man stationed high on an unreachable mountain top, but on youtube … of course! The story goes, that a first date isn't just a 'fun' opportunity to get … Continue reading

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First, before I share with you songs that will move your world… you have to understand what a mixtape is… Once upon a time, there were not these compact discs or mp3 players, and no one had even daydreamed about iTunes … Continue reading

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Funny Things

Trying to hide his tracks.  

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A List … or Two

I believe firmly in improving yourself.  My boss calls it "Intellectual Curiosity" and rates it very highly on my performance eval.  What she means is that "You're the kind of guy who hates to leave a mystery unsolved, if you … Continue reading

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Footprints, a Poem

Being from the great white north, I'm used to darkness at night, I grew up in a place without electricity after all.  The pure dark of a moonless night was like one of the 20 blankets I put over the … Continue reading

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Children amuse me, especially mine (because I like them so much!) Sitting at the dinner table my youngest said "Daddy, you know if you ever have to get pulled over, you should pretend you're being attacked by bees." Admittedly she … Continue reading

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Jumble of Words

You know … you never know who is going to read your words. I have a hundred thousand thoughts streaming through my mind, like an overburdened sieve, my mind aches with the stress of it all, my shoulders can’t help … Continue reading

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