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52 Questions – Dinner Guest

Once upon a time, on the 11th of February, the New York Times posted an article that talks about 36 questions that, if asked in a certain way, can drive two people to fall in love.  After careful calculations, I've decided … Continue reading

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The Spelling Bee

Originally I thought to tile this "The Spelling Bee of Doom" or "Death at the Spelling Bee" but though they'd be very dramatic titles, they might misconstrue what actually happened at the Spelling Bee. "It was a dark and stormy … Continue reading

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The Good Listener

"Many travelers have come searching for treasure, but beware, if you look into the eyes of the statue you will face the Curse of Mara and disappear as so many others have done before."  The voice was deep, resonant, and … Continue reading

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Good Old Fashion Censorship

"Dad…"  My oldest son began.  "I handed in the script I wrote for my homework assignment."  I nodded, made all the appropriate noises of a Father who is paying attention, he continued.  "She made me fix it." This is where … Continue reading

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High IQ Teasing

I love having genius kids, but there's a dark side to it sometimes as well… and it all begins with me. "Hey…"  I playfully called out to my son. "What did you get your girlfriend for Valentines?"  He's an amazing … Continue reading

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Father’s Turn

For the first night in what seems like weeks, the kids are all laying down in their beds, quiet … without a cough to be heard… with only one cough to be heard.  Mine.  Now that the kids are finally … Continue reading

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Cough Remedy

Sick babies, while still amazing, beautiful, intelligent, and nice to have around… especially with their super cuddly-ness, are still kind of a pain.   I love my daughter with all my heart, but she does sometimes lean in the direction … Continue reading

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The Episode of the Fever Dilemma

This, is not a new problem, it crops up every cold season.   The child is sick, so you give them medicine, they are still sick, so they feel better, and they're a child, so they want to get up; … Continue reading

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Maximize Effeciency

I've decided that I need to take my bed to work. The routine goes like this:   Put the kids to bed –  The night time routine is a beautiful things that takes a large chunk of the evening.  By the … Continue reading

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Kind of a Fresh Start

It's difficult to say what the future brings, but it's easy to bring the past with you. This last week I've been on an internet / phone / text fast.  There are many reasons to do this, one; and most … Continue reading

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