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In doing this ongoing countdown, I have plenty of answers, but am still working my way through questions.  As you know (probably) I've read an article (once… ish) in the New York Times about a study where it was determined that two people can fall in love with 36 questions.  As an over-achiever, I'm doing 52 questions, and counting down, instead of up.

Question #44 says:

For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

This is an easy question for me.  I'm often grateful about a great many things… but what am I 'MOST' grateful for. 

The easy answer is my Children, I love them very much, and think of them and what's best for them constantly… but this isn't an 'easy' question.  It says "MOST Grateful" and it does feel like a toss up, because I am a very thankful kind of person.

Here's where things get heavy.  I love, LOVE, my Children… I love my life, I'm very blessed.  But one thing that ties everything together for me is The Gospel, the Plan of Salvation, by our Heavenly Father that enables us to do everything that we do here.  So am I most grateful for the plan, or for a loving Heavenly Father (God) that allows us that opportunity.  I think I'm most grateful for my Heavenly Father, and will do my best to let everything else fall into place according to that.

What are you most grateful for?

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2 Responses to 44 Questions – Grateful

  1. Sunny says:

    Your answer to this question could very well parallel my thoughts exactly. Like you the easy part is the long list of things I am grateful for. I'm the type of person who constantly looks for the silver lining in all things, so picking one thing is nearly impossible, but it does say MOST grateful, so my answer needs to take on a less basic approach.

    It's hard to pinpoint just one thing I'm most grateful for, because the gospel encompasses so many things that are at the top of my list. I have a deep love and appreciation for my Heavenly Father and yet without my dear elder brother, my personal Savior, I would never see my Father again. Yet without the third member of the Godhead I'm not sure how much it would matter since it is through him we connect with God and His son. Aside from that, the plan of salvation, especially the atonement, mean more to me than I can adequately express. Because they all intermingle and function perfectly together it is difficult to separate them into a single MOST grateful. However, knowing it must be narrowed down my answer would be the Godhead because at least that way it covers three instead of just one and the rest works itself out through them.

  2. Ruth says:

    Like you I too am so grateful for my children and the gospel.  They both give me purpose, direction, and joy in my life. Without these two I would be lost when the storms came.  There is one more thing I am truly grateful for, my family.  Family has been there for me in so many ways.

    *The day before my first baby was born I started moving from our studio to a one bedroom apartment at BYUH. Baby was due a week later so I thought I had time to slowly move in.  Well, baby had a different idea.  After he was born, I tried hard not to worry how I would continue to move everything with a newborn. Well, my family; my parents, my Aunty & Uncle, my father-in-law, grandfather-in-law, and RS President finished my move for me/us. They moved and cleaned our old apartment.  I came home to an apartment all set up for baby & I. I never saw that old studio again. All because of family.

    *Just a few weeks before I gave birth to my second child, I got the stomach flu so bad.  The worse in my whole life, both ends.  I couldn't keep anything in but yet I still had to take care of my 15 month old who also was sick with the stomach flu. My aunty came to visit and found me  very pregnant, in the bathroom surrounded by a horrible mess, baby was upstairs with my neighbor. I was in tears.  She came in and helped me.  Cleaned me & the bathroom all up and took my sick baby home with her.  

    *The year my husband moved out, I decided I would take my kids to Disneyland.  My in-laws made hundreds and hundreds of laulau for the children and I to sell.  To make a laulau it takes almost a whole entire day to prep, make, and steam it. With their help we made a huge chunk of our trip money.  It was the best thing I could have done for my children that year, thanks to family and friends who made it happen.

    *Most recently since giving birth to my fifth child while trying to raise & manage a home by myself, my parents have stepped in and helped a lot. I am almost 38 years old but still need my Mommy & Daddy to help me survive.  My Daddy comes over almost every night to help me do the dishes and get the children to clean their room "again," while I tend to baby, take a shower, or just listen to see how I'm doing.

    My family has been there for me during the hardest parts of my life.  These are just a few of the many ways they have been there for me. There is no way I alone can take credit for where I am now with my children.  They have been my angels here on this Earth.  I am eternally grateful for them.

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