Question 36 – Treasured Memories

I'm doing a 52 question count down, based on the 36 question article by the NY Times.

Blah blah blah, I took thirty minutes to write a very touching story about my most treasured memory, and now that it's lost, you get the cheap carbon copy cliff notes.

Question 36:

What is your most treasured memory

Raindrops on roses… whiskers on kittens, babies first laugh, first breath, and first step.  There are a hundred to choose from, or even more.  I think if we were managing the bank of memories, we'd find that, like children, they aren't ranked or filed as well as some might expect.  

I imagine a file cabinet with a drawer labeled "Favorite Memories." when you open that drawer you see that they aren't neatly placed in folders, they aren't in alphabetical, chronological, or some psychotic OCD ranking system. they are very gracefully piled in there, like a kid with a box of treasures, one is only on top because it has the pleasure of being taken out most recently to be played with.

With that in mind, there are two memories that sit on the top, one is of a perfect morning, waking up too early to the sound of vacuuming, dishes washing, and little feet scrambling all over the house.  When I came downstairs, the kitchen was clean, the floor was mopped, and little hands were hard at work at chores they were never given, tasks that were never handed out.  When we look in the books of miracles that filled our lives, I know I'll see this day as one of them, the day the children, single handedly organized a house cleaning party, just because.  

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One Response to Question 36 – Treasured Memories

  1. Sunny says:

    I love the way you described the haphazard way of storing memories. As I read your entry it created the picture in my mind of a treasure chest, and when the lid is opened it's as if a butterfly opens its wings and lifts a glorious memory from the box filling the air with cherished thoughts and feelings. 

    You wouldn't think this question in particular would be hard to answer, but every now and then, life offers you a moment that is so magical it is no longer magic, but a gift from God. Memories like these become so cherished that speaking of them makes the experience seem trite and so I have struggled to know how to share my "most treasured memory" while still holding the memory close to my heart, but I will do my best…

    One day, long ago, I was given the unique opportunity to take a short journey beyond the veil; beyond this life. While there I had the privilege of experiencing, seeing, learning, and feeling things that are not of this world. It is impossible to express what I felt as there are simply no words in existence that would even come close to adequately portraying the reality of the feeling, but it is this feeling, this experience, that has become my most treasured memory.

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