Behind the Scenes – Stop Bugging Me

I love photography, and I love sharing my photography, and I love explaining the behind the scenes of some of the pictures I take.  It’s important that you understand my ‘vision’ and emotions that I’m sharing through this art form.

This, is a picture of a bug.  Which is obvious, what is less obvious is what I was thinking.

On this day, in the warmth of Arizona, sometime in November, I was at a rose garden, with flowers all around just beginning to peak out of their summer slumber into the ‘autumn’ sun.  I walked through this scented garden in awe of the flowers, and experimenting with my new camera.  I knew it could zoom in a little, and capture more pixels than I needed, but I didn’t know just HOW MUCH it could capture.

I had thought, originally, that pictures like this only could be done with a ‘macro’ lens, one that allowed you to focus extra close… and while that would have taken a far better picture, I would have had to ask the bug very VERY nicely to not be startled by the lens coming withing 6 inches of him.  Instead I used a regular 50mm lens, he very politely posed for me, so that my shutter speed didn’t have to be too fast; which all made for a very steady picture.  This required no editing afterwards either, just cropping to show off the dragon fly.

From five feet away this dragon fly landed on a flower.  I grew up with dragon flies, and was immediately excited to catch one in great detail.  From so far away I couldn’t see more than that it was a dragon fly and landed on the flower.  I caught him coming in for a landing as well and thought “I’m so lucky!”

When I got home I was first amazed at how amazing the details are… then as I looked more closely I realized that dragon flies here are really ugly little bugs.  The ones I’m used to have giant eyes, tiny little legs, and gracefully thin bodies… this reminded me more of a grasshopper with wings.

But, I was also in wonder, this is a very detailed picture of a dragon fly, with the wonder of the rose that still has so much potential under his feet.  I can’t help but wonder if this is the message I needed more, than the beauty I desired.

Are there any other photographs you’d like the back story on?

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