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I’m Thankful For

I have wonderful Children, and for this Thanksgiving they made a list. Sparkling Apple Cider Turkey Rolls Cranberry Sauce Deviled Eggs Pumpkin Pie Chocolate Pie Olives Stuffing Mashed Potatoes Celery with cream cheese Sauteed Green Beans Eggnog Crackers and Cheese … Continue reading

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Befuddled Father

You can’t fight time, because time fights back. I have a little girl who just turned ten.  She is not a baby, I know this because I’m constantly witnessing the amazing things she does.  But when she told me she … Continue reading

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The Duality of Man

It all began with a little shaving lotion.  Oh how many stories begin that way.  Actually this all began without a little shaving lotion. I am of two minds on what this photo means.  So a little back story may … Continue reading

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Back Yard Beautification, Baby Steps

I do not love the desert, and that’s been my excuse for doing nothing to the back yard for the nearly three years I’ve been in my house. But no more… Oh, I still hate the desert, but I have … Continue reading

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The Sound in the Night

Imagine you’re laying in bed, it’s late and night, you’ve tucked the house under the covers, and then you hear it… It whispers “Did you leave the lights on downstairs?” Then it whispers again “Did you lock the doors?” Then … Continue reading

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Math VS The World

You know they said we’d use this stuff every day when we grew up, but what they didn’t tell use then is that how we’d use it is in helping our children when they had to take math classes. First … Continue reading

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