The Longest Night

I felt the pillow hit my head.

“YES!” The voice in my mind exclaimed.  I don’t take sleeping medicine.  But I did tonight.  I lay in bed thinking “I’ll finally get the sleep my body wants, silly body.”  And oblivion overlapped and encapsulated me.  Then I rolled to the left… and rolled to the right.  Then slept on the floor, then the couch, then the bottom of the bed, and then across the bed sideways.

Somewhere during that long night one of the kids crawled into bed.  My sleeping space became limited, but I didn’t mind.  Maybe cuddling would help.  It did.  I slept an eternity, then rolled to the other side of the bed, then slept on the floor.  Finally I thought “You know… if sleep is going to elude me, perhaps I’ll get up, shave and do a little work before the day begins.”

I got up, I shaved.  I thought “This sleep medicine has me groggy, I shouldn’t have done that.”  Then I looked at the clock:

11:30 PM

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” I thought… and am still thinking it.  C’mon sleep… really??

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