Adventure, Excitement..

In Star Wars, Yoda says a Jedi doesn’t crave excitement, though I would say their profession embodies that. I’m not a Jedi. I crave something to keep going. Once a month, I get to keep one of the children for a weekend adventure. To them it’s a time away with their Dad. To me it’s a wonderful bonding experience as well as a chance to adventure! An opportunity to avoid the doldrums and bleak brown that happens when they’re gone.

For this month I got to keep my oldest boy, and we got to go scuba diving … in the desert.

When I was young… I became certified in scuba. I went once in Mexico and hadn’t gone again since. A very long time away from something I love so much! And we had such a great time that I think I might need to go back again. And again. It’s hard to do it alone. But maybe some day I won’t have to.

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