Time Hurries On – A Brief Update

It’s been forever since I’ve been able to write.  Life gets busy, but blogs also get hacked, and it’s taken me nearly eight months to get it working again. (But to be honest I didn’t dedicate my every waking minute to getting it going again.)

So much has changed since I last wrote.  If I remember right, my last post was about meeting the girl of my dreams.  That first date was a miracle, and the second was as well, and pretty much every moment spent together after that was an expression of joy and love.  She’s an answer to every prayer, and the perfect fit.

Anyway, I asked her to marry me and she said Yes!  (A Thousand times yes!)

Upcoming posts I plan on doing:

“A Driver in the House” in which I describe the learning and teaching process to get my oldest his drivers license.  It’s an amazing journey of discovery, with action, adventure, and thrills.

“She said A Thousand Times Yes” a proposal story.

Disneyland – A photo journal of the first trip to Disneyland with my beloved.

The Lord’s Hand – How my testimony has been strengthened through my failures and unanswered prayers.

And probably many more.  Hopefully the blog issues are resolved, and I’ll slowly (very slowly) restore it to what it was before.

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