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Time Hurries On – A Brief Update

It’s been forever since I’ve been able to write.  Life gets busy, but blogs also get hacked, and it’s taken me nearly eight months to get it working again. (But to be honest I didn’t dedicate my every waking minute … Continue reading

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Swan Lake, a First Date

Everything begins from silence. But silence doesn’t reign, it’s only a pause, a rest in the symphony that allows the music to breathe. There’s a thrum that echoes like the heartbeat of a li ving thing. A monster, a giant, … Continue reading

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Another Night Another Day

i almost left the house today. I didn’t. But I thought about it. These days without the children on the weekends kill me, and I wonder what else I can do. When I was first single I’d go driving when … Continue reading

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Adventure, Excitement..

In Star Wars, Yoda says a Jedi doesn’t crave excitement, though I would say their profession embodies that. I’m not a Jedi. I crave something to keep going. Once a month, I get to keep one of the children for … Continue reading

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A Quiet Beginning- Meditation

My thoughts come from every side, like enraged bees they sting from every direction. I feel like a lake in the midst of a hurricane, without a moment of tranquility anywhere near the surface. But there’s a secret, the truth … Continue reading

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Close to the Heart

Happy a Valentine’s Day!! Honestky I’ve gone through the day going through the motions. It’s a happy day. The children and I laughed and played but I never took the time to care or actually conceptualists what kind of day … Continue reading

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A Little Fever

Even though I have a nightly routine, no night is routine. We take our time to talk individually about what is on our minds, what challenges we face, and where we can do better, and where we can do worse. … Continue reading

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The Longest Night

I felt the pillow hit my head. “YES!” The voice in my mind exclaimed.  I don’t take sleeping medicine.  But I did tonight.  I lay in bed thinking “I’ll finally get the sleep my body wants, silly body.”  And oblivion … Continue reading

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The Sound of Silence

I come here to think of you.  I know you are not here, but I remember when you were, so I come here for that chance that you’ll be there and remember me. There are a thousand words to say, … Continue reading

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When There’s Nothing to Say

Sometimes there are no words to say, and sometimes there are too many words to say, and usually when that happens, either one … or both, then there’s nothing to say. In my writing I’ve been practicing transitions.  Often times … Continue reading

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