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First, before I share with you songs that will move your world… you have to understand what a mixtape is…

Once upon a time, there were not these compact discs or mp3 players, and no one had even daydreamed about iTunes (that I know of) or youtube, or any other fancy way to share your music with someone.  What you had to do is buy tapes (which were like big CD's that used literal scotch tape to record music onto… you'd record your favorite songs or songs that spoke to you onto this tape using another primitive device… then hand it over to the person you were interested in.  "Used in courting rituals."

So I made you a mixtape:

First: Nervous (By The Moody Blues) because it speaks to me, because I think when you care about someone they are always on your mind and appear everywhere you go.  (and I just like it)

Second: For the First Time; by Kenny Loggins; because it's romantic, to imagine that you can see someone for so long and even though you've been in love with them that whole time, each time you look into their eyes it's like the first time.

Third: Lucky, by Jason Mraz; I think true love involves friendship, and what better way to express friendship than meeting together on an Island somewhere!… Islands are romantic.

Fourth: Close your Eyes; by Michael Buble; to me this song echoes the depth of love that comes when you respect someone's hidden strength (through learning about them.)  The line that stands out "When my world was dark and blue, the only one to rescue me was you."

Fifth: If I Only Had the Words to Tell You; Billy Joel; because words are hard to find, and he does such a great job of saying that there really aren't the 'perfect' words to express the feelings.

Sixth: Kenny Rogers (I know, ew country) Lady.  Because I'm a daydreamer and think a man should try to be a gentleman, a hero, and in love.

Seventh: From Disney's Tangled "I See the Light"  I think this song is amazing on so many levels, if you look at it from a spiritual side, then it's very spiritual, if you look at it from a romantic love stance … honestly the glowing lights create that perfect atmosphere that rivals the lagoon scene from "The Little Mermaid"  I also love that in the movie this is the part where the guy decides nothing is more important than simply this girl  he's with.

Eigth: Africa, by Toto; Because 'it's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you, it's nothing that 100 men or more could ever do.' that the rains that keep you in are a blessing if you can be kept in with the right person.

Ninth: Secret Kingdom (From the Musical "Slipper and the Rose" it goes along with the same thought as Africa.  Together there's only you and I.  It's romantic.

Tenth:  Starbright; because saying Saying Good Night can be important.

Helping with Pickup Lines

My children are very supportive of the idea that at some point I may be dating, and to that end my oldest girl came up to me and said that she had been thinking of different things I can say to interest women.

"You can say:" She would begin:

'Were you born in lava, because you're really pretty!"

'Was your Dad a thief? because that'd be really hard on you, I'm sorry."

'The difference between you and everyone else is I don't like everyone else.'


'Hey, do you like super heroes too?'

I hope she never loses that innocence, faith, and humor.  Some I think she is serious about, others I'm not so sure.  She laughs just enough to keep you guessing.

The youngest gives me a hug and says"

Love Note

Something Special

I try to not get my hopes up, but occasionally I see a light in the tunnel and it’s easy to think “Hey, I’m not alone.”

I have heard a new song, and it’s beautiful, and his voice is crisp and clean and makes me think of how I sound when I hear myself sing.  (Humbly, of course)

Which makes me think of this song… which I love actually more.  (Because a bird without wings seems … kind of worse than summer with no fourth of July)