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Knock on Wood

There are things you shouldn’t say, thinks you shouldn’t talk about, write about, or even think about… because once you do, once you travel down that plane of thought, it’s already too late. ¬†And that’s how it all began. The … Continue reading

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Like a Secret Handshake

On some days flying is better than on others, and as I learn more, the better days come more often.  Today the goal was simple, fly to a landing strip over 50 knautical miles away.  I had prepared, I had … Continue reading

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More to Do

For the sake of all ego… I wish I could do a better job of slowing down time! Today after work the children and I: Did homework Did Laundry Made Dinner Planted plants (4 rasberry sticks, 2 Rose … super … Continue reading

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The Zombie Plan People (What’s Your Zombie Plan?)

There are two kinds of people when it comes to the subject of preparedness… the grasshoppers and the ants.  No subject highlights the differences between people quite as much as their plan for the zombie apocalypse. The Grasshopper and the … Continue reading

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Tuesday – About Me; Safety?

Once upon a time we were asked to keep a journal, this perhaps isn't a "journal" but it is an account of all that I remember as I grew up.  The story continues from last week: It's difficult to describe … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – New Home


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Movie Review – The Avengers

I don't often do movie reviews, but some movies really stand out and scream to be talked about! This evening, immediately after work I had a date with my children… we are all huge nerds and have, time and again, … Continue reading

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It’s About, Time; Hazzah!

There are a few deciding factors that made accept moving back to Arizona a chapter of my life, or so, ago.  One of the less obvious factors was the Arizona Renaissance Festival.  I'm kind of a huge nerd about some things, … Continue reading

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Freeze! Don’t tell Toy Story!

My Grandfather was a refrigeration man, in fact as a youth he carried blocks of ice to help people keep their cold boxes cold.  My Father was a refrigeration man, from his knee I learned about the inner workings of … Continue reading

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It’s About … Time – Camping

For the last year, at least once a month, I say to myself "Wow, I really need to take the children camping!"  It started last year around this time of year when for the first time in more than a … Continue reading

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