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Sleep Intermission

Perhaps instead of laying in bed letting my mind loop over thoughts that it’s had a hundred times before, the purpose for my restlessness is to write; and put myself to sleep. I find that sleep, when it happens, is … Continue reading

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Death by Chocolate

Birthdays mean cake… and when my son asked for a chocolate on chocolate cake then suggested that it'd be 'okay' if we got it at a grocery store, I felt affronted, and wanted to show him that I could do … Continue reading

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Countdown to Turkey

This is the time of year when I look at the calendar, realize Thanksgiving is only a week away (or less) and recognize that I am REALLY going to have to get on the ball. (The Butterball, lol jk I … Continue reading

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Picky Eaters

Or, I’ll title it “I don’t care how disgusting it is, you’re gonna eat it!!!”  Which isn’t true, if they don’t like my experiments, they hopefully like some of my other night’s previous experiment leftovers. The thought began like this: … Continue reading

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Teach a Man to Fish

Or… Teach a boy to make bread.  The saying goes: “Give a man a fish, and you’ve fed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you’ve fed a man for the rest of his life.”  In like … Continue reading

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Ham of Destiny!

Once upon a time, I had a choice to make: Take Shop like all the other guys. Take Home-economics with the girls. Turns out that in only one of the two class choices do you regularly eat cheese burgers in … Continue reading

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Busy as a One Legged Man in a Soccer Match!

Today I made a list of things I needed to do to get ready for Easter. Fold / Hangup Clothes Straighten up Living Room Mop Bathrooms Do Dishes Grocery / Easter Shopping Help Easter Bunny place baskets and eggs Bake … Continue reading

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How I Stew While the Children Are Away

It’s a popular question “What do you do when the children are away?” What do I do when the kids are away? I Simmer. Soak Steam, Calm down, And pull it all together.That’s what I do when the kids are … Continue reading

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Daddy, You Cook Like a Hero

There are few sights as satisfying as kids enjoying what you made… especially when you were kind of making it up as you go along. “Boy kids…”  I said as I was putting ingredients into the crock pot for the … Continue reading

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The Journey Continues – Nutrition

It’s been a couple of weeks since I finished the Juice fast.  The biggest fear for someone doing something like that is that the weight you’ll lose won’t stay lost.  With this in mind I still haven’t fully returned to … Continue reading

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