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Playing With Something New (Again)

Today was a busy day, yesterday was busy, tomorrow will probably be busy.  It’s nice when things are busy, but sometimes when things are busy, we have to ask ourselves “Is it good busy, or is it nerd busy?” It’s perhaps nerd busy.  😉 … Continue reading

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The Name of the Wind – Book Review

Very occasionally I find a book worth reading, and even more rare than that is to find a book worth consuming.  I am a picky reader, I don’t like to read things that hurt my brain or leave me less … Continue reading

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How Do you Get to Neverland – Part 1

A story about going to Neverland, and how difficult a trip it is for someone who isn't Peter Pan, a Lost Boy, a Native, or a Pirate. Good stories start with once upon a time, so this one will too. … Continue reading

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Puppet Masters

Children ask the most interesting questions, and that’s how today began, I awoke to the question “Are Muppets Real?”  part of me smiled at how effective I’ve been at being able to keep the wide eyed curiosity of youth alive … Continue reading

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The Thing About Dragons Is:

I know a little about a lot of things, but about Dragons I know a lot. The things about dragons is that there are a lot of them, not just numbers but different kinds, they are like birds that way.  … Continue reading

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How to Slay a Dragon – A Knights Perspective

Slaying a dragon, not just anyone can do it; but the rules of dragon slaying apply to so many other things in life.  The first thing to remember is that Dragons are not dumb animals that can be fought the … Continue reading

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