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Parenting – A Fine Line

I have truly exceptional kids, which many parents say about their kids.  It's kind of a part of the job.  But mine really are exceptional, from excelling in school, cleaning up after themselves in restaurants, to helping each other out … Continue reading

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Blog Issues

I don’t swear… but if I did, the hosting company who babysits my blog would have driven me to it. I’m of two minds, one appreciates how they must be protecting me from all kinds of malicious attacks. ┬áThe other … Continue reading

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Single Parent Dilemma

I wake up, and rush the children to get dressed and some kind of fed. I get home from work, and rush to get the kids undressed, the house in some kind of order, food done, bed time going, and … Continue reading

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Moments Lost

Missing the moment: As I drive to work and watch the most amazing full moon glide towards the horizon to the west, it’s glowing orb looking bigger than it did last month, or at least big enough that I wish … Continue reading

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