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The Christmas List

For the happiest season of all, there certainly is a lot that has to be done.  It seems that for many people this stuff comes natural, but for me, I'm still just glad if the kids have had 3 regular … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving List

"Are you ready?!" I heard her sister call to her across the room. "Yes!" "Don't forget Peanut Butter Celery with raisens!" the younger one almost screamed.  Which took my attention. "Will you eat that?" I asked, doubtful. "ew, no!" she … Continue reading

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Handy Manny, and the Power of Tools

I rarely watch the TV… but for the last two days my youngest has decided that’s how she wants to spend her days before summer break begins. I don’t love TV, so when we watch it, it has to be … Continue reading

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The Three E’s of Exhaustion

There are days where your head hits the pillow and you have that satisfied feeling that you got a lot done.  The children experienced that fully tonight as I could barley get them into their beds before their drifting eyelids … Continue reading

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What I Wish I’d Known – Before Joining the Military

On slow days like today where we're lucky to even change out of pajamas (lol, we didn't change from our pajamas) it gives me time to ponder. What I wish I'd known before I joined the military: This is NOT … Continue reading

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Parenting Advice – Team Building

Each week I like to share some brief parenting advice that I've learned over the years, today I want to talk a little bit about team building. If there were a single secret to raising children, I'd say that it's … Continue reading

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How to Survive in the Desert – A Parents Guide

"It's a dry heat" I'm often told, and that's supposed to make me feel better about the temperature gauge in the car reading 109 degrees (that's 42.7 degrees Celsius!) Typically when someone says "But it's a dry heat" I think … Continue reading

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Community Reboot – A Juicing Tale

It's possible you haven't heard me talk about health and nutrition, it's possible that you don't know about my near obsession with getting enough veggies and fruits in your diet.  So this is a post to remind anyone who knows, … Continue reading

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What was I Thinking?! – A Pipe Dream (Punny)

As I mentioned in a post before, when asked "Can we build it?!" The answer isn't always "Yes" sometimes the best answer is a question: "​Should we build it?!"   ​The Phrase "Should we build it!?" echoed through my mind as … Continue reading

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Something like Parenting Advice – Steam Cleaner

  As a Father of four I've learned a lot over the years, and some things I've learned the hard way.  Hopefully I can help you learn things the easy way. One of the lessons you'll learn early in parenting … Continue reading

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