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Super Moon!

What’s that up in the sky?!  It’s a bird?  (no) it’s a Plane?  No!  It’s a moon, silly! Perigee Moon, or “Super Moon” Means that the moon is as close as it’s getting to earth … this year.  They say … Continue reading

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Biosphere 2 – Where Science Lives

Once upon a time; there was an experiment to see if eight people could live inside a fully self contained structure that provided for all of their needs, for two years.  There were a lot of things they learned from … Continue reading

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How to Suffocate a Candle – Of Science!

I absolutely love showing the children how science works.  Instead of doing something easy, like a Baking Soda Volcano, I thought "Let's do something HARD" like demonstrate how you can create CO2 with a baking soda volcano and how the … Continue reading

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Mad Science – the Science Fair of Science!

I like to show the kids how the world works… and thankfully their school feels the same.  They had a science fair, and there were things… and stuff!

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