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A Heart Full of … Bubbles

"His name is Buble!!" The little girl screams.  Her frustration evident.  She 'knows' what's right, and no one likes their name being made fun of.   "That may be how 'you' pronounce it." the antagonizing brother said. "But we're friends, … Continue reading

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Just 30 Minutes…

Whenever I seem to run out of things to say, or thoughts to share; all I need are 30 minutes in the car with the kids… Their flexible attention spans dance between singing about having belly buttons to talking about … Continue reading

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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Once upon a long long time ago I watched the movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" and it was okay. But lately, as a Father, and someone who is both older and wiser since those early days, I recognize some things … Continue reading

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Indoctrinate the Children

On the way home from a very full afternoon and early evening, my daughter looked at me and said "What's an electric car mean?"  I said "That it's electric." Then I heard the reply in my head "Woogy woogy woogy" … Continue reading

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Come Play With Me

I am a fan of music, the kind of music that fills the house when someone has talent. ¬†With that in mind, I finally ‘bit the bullet’ and five weeks ago I started lessons for my youngest daughter. I want … Continue reading

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Daily Dose – 8/15/2012; Stormy Weather

Storms are one thing, but this… this is something different, powerful, and beautiful! I have done it!  I have redefined what fatigue is!  Today, when I woke up so early that it was still dark outside, the only thought that … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – New Home


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Headline News: Single Father of Four Takes Kids Climbing Mountain

"I took my son on this hike when he was eight."  I was told by a caring adult, "He was too young for this hike, you'll want to leave your younger ones at home."  The advice was not given in … Continue reading

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Something of a Song – Youtube Mix

Music drives us, it sets us free, and opens a whole new world to us.  To me, I have always found my quickest escape from stress to be from a gentle song. With that in mind, here are three songs … Continue reading

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Something of a Vlog – November 7

When things are going bad it's easy to pick out what's going right, it's like bobbing for apples, "Hey there are only three, focus hard on them" but when things are going awesome, then you have a whole barrel full … Continue reading

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